Object Of Interest: The Vocoder

This mini documentary, via the New Yorker, takes a look at the vocoder and its history.

The vocoder—part military technology, part musical instrument—has had quite a history. In our new Object of Interest video, we explore the vocoder in settings ranging from the Second World War to Kraftwerk parties, featuring interviews with Laurie Anderson, Cozmo D, Dave Tompkins, and Frank Gentges.

3 thoughts on “Object Of Interest: The Vocoder

  1. A couple of interesting interviews, but a million miles from a comprehensive look at vocoders and an entirely NYC perspective. Just a tip for the next video from the NewYorker folks … history stories are generally better told in linear sequence “vocoder started as a military thing, then got picked up by radio commercial people looking for cool sounds, then adopted by musicians in the 60 and 70s, then rediscovered in the 80s”
    Honestly this feels like a dumbed down fluff piece with a NYC agenda and does a disservice to NYC musicians that have used the technology as well as to the heritage of this unusual device, by missing 90% of the story and starting with Laurie Anderson… actually I hate to say it but kinda lame

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