Goldie’s Timeless, Live With An Orchestra

Goldie (Clifford Joseph Price) shared this video, which captures the first orchestral performance of his 1995 classic, Timeless.

The performance features The Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley. It was recorded live, in front of a sold out audience at the Royal Festival Hall, London, as part of James Lavelle’s Meltdown Festival.

It’s rare enough to see electronica performed live, rather than DJ’d, so a performance of this scale is really unique. Vocalist Vanessa Haynes contributes a great performance, and Goldie and the audience are visibly animated by the driving percussion work of Adam Betts.

Via Chris Randall, who notes, “the Heritage Orchestra performing Goldie, with that level of musicianship, and the joy the proceedings bring to the table, is a prime example of the Perfect Storm, where everything comes together, and the energy that it gives off is greater than the energy that went in to making it.”

13 thoughts on “Goldie’s Timeless, Live With An Orchestra

  1. i’ve always thought that he’s such a hard looking dude, just a bad ass but he’s all heart and his music is timeless and amazing. good to see more of him around!

  2. Love Goldie. But this shit did absolutely nothing for me.

    Not to mention that Goldie is just running around the stage like a confused child. Weird.

    1. I think he was just enjoying hearing his tune performed so solidly by awesome musicians. I’d probably have the most satisfied dumb face like ^_______________________________^ while head banging If i could hear my music performed close to the way that I hear it in my head. It must be an incredible feeling.

  3. Everyone talks about Keane West’s ego these days but who remembers Goldie’s? I really enjoyed his music but the man was annoying.

  4. Reminder people, art and the person that makes it is totally separated and why give a f++K about his EGO.
    Also for you people jugging the man DO YOU KNOW HIM. If not the shut up!

  5. DO YOU KNOW HIM, like is he your friend or you people just go buy what the media tells you. Reminder most media companies twisted, drama equals MONEY!. Music is music! And this album is great! I bought it in France when it first came out the rocked it on dance floors in NYC.

  6. That was pretty dam amazing, especially the drummer keeping up at that tempo as long as he did. I have a lot of respect for goldie and the metalheadz collective and strangely wasn’t feeling timeless as much as the other stuff on the label, apart from this is bad, loved that track. Two tracks from ruffige/goldie I remember fondly are menace and sea of tears. Hopefully I’ll catch this live at a festival next year, still love being out in the open especially when slightly high.

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