DSI Evolver Synthesizer Gets iPad Patch Editor

dave-smith-evolover-editorSoundTower has introduced Evolver Editor, a dedicated iPad patch editor for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver synthesizer.

Evolver Sound Editor is an editor and sound development tool, created specifically for Dave Smith Instruments Evolver synthesizer.

Evolver Sound Editor displays all Evolver Program parameters in a single graphical interface. 


  • Real time editing of all Evolver parameters
  • Program Bank manager
  • Load/Save of Program Banks
  • Transmitting and receiving of Program Bank data
  • Sequencer editor
  • Resizable on-screen keyboard
  • Direct USB/MIDI connection with Apple iPad Camera Adapter
  • Wireless connection possible using MIDI network
  • Magnified editing panels

The Evolver Sound Editor is available for US $24.99 in the App Store.

16 thoughts on “DSI Evolver Synthesizer Gets iPad Patch Editor

  1. Ha-ha! Never thought I could hook my iPad direct to my Evolver desktop module. What a great idea. So compact and fun. I imagine Prophet 12 module iPad controller next.

    1. I use it a lot with my Prophet 08 and it is great! It’s pretty much the better editor I’ve ever used, and also a librarian, which can be used to mix sounds, just as its name suggests. A really good small app…

    1. Great to hear you work for free, and all your music is half price (um, you do make music vs just trolling here, right?). People who create applications for a living have to charge money to develop, sell and maintain support for products. Sadly the “free economy” generation wants to pay for nothing, while feeling entitled to everything. Steal music, steal movies, complain about roads not being fixed, don’t pay taxes, then wonder why their lives are such a pile of crap. You get back in life what you put into it. Sermon over 🙂

  2. So this editor is only for the mono desktop and MEK? I’ve got those but I’d rather an editor for my Poly rack. Keen to hear what people think of the editor though.

  3. How are folks using this? I bought it and an Uno midi to USB and an Apple camera connection kit. How do I connect midi controller keyboard without using a DAW? I’m thinking that I need to use a midi merge device to merge the keyboard and the midi from the iPad’ Uno? I need two of 2 into one mergers?

  4. does anyone know if this will work for the poly evolver? I just traded for one and downloaded the sound tower poly evolver software editor, but I’d like to have the IPAD one as well.

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