Manx Releases Roland-Inspired SJ-2 Synthesizer For Windows


Manx has released SJ-2, a new version of their Roland-inspired Super Jay software synth (VSTi) for Windows. 


  • 6 note polyphonic, with double and unison modes.
  • Features filter and envelope technologies exclusive to Manx.
  • MIDI Learn for all parameters
  • Patch memory system with full library.
  • Independent PWM LFOs, velocity sensitivity, flexible modulation routings and more.

Here’s a demo of SJ-2, a cover of Vangelis’s Chariots of Fire Main Theme:

Here’s what Manx has to say about SJ-2:

Of all the different kinds of vintage hardware synthesizers, our favourite has to be the wave of programmable polysynths which appeared during the eighties, such as the Jupiter 8 and the MJS-80 rack-mount.

It wasn’t just the breakthroughs of polyphony & patch recall that made these instruments popular – they also have a distinctive sound which was quite magical.

We’re very proud to present the SJ-2 as our own tribute to these awesome, IC based beasts!

It’s no accident that the SJ-2 sounds the way it does – it features several layers of audio processing ‘algorithms’ designed to reproduce subtle audio nuances that you’ll find in analog synthesisers. This ‘no stone left unturned’ approach is, of course, computationally expensive and depending on patch settings, your CPU may take a hammering. Rest assured that we have tried to minimize CPU use as much as possible, spending many hours on optimisation.

Manx SJ-2 for Windows is available now for US $69.

If you’ve used SJ-2, let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “Manx Releases Roland-Inspired SJ-2 Synthesizer For Windows

  1. So are people enjoying this synth? I am, but the graphics could be better. MKS-80 was one of my go-to analog synths. Of course it’s not for everyone, but to me it was perfect bread-and-butter synth of 80’s analog sounds.

  2. Hi everybody.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to check out the SJ-2.

    Please note that the SJ-2 GUI has been completely reworked – I’m still not in love with the GUI compared to, say, the free Manx Gigmate, so it may improve further, over time, but we will be sticking with the basic theme – just refining it.

    Apart from the aesthetics, the GUI has all controls right in front of you (no menus to speak of) and the slider length is long, giving you increased resolution. These features don’t help when trying to produce a good looking GUI but are very important none the less.

    Besides the graphics, we have been refining the audio capabilities of the SJ-2 and the latest version is 1.3 (demo & retail versions). For example, the SJ-2’s low pass filter is even more ‘ballsy’ than before – this has clearly been captured in the version 1.3 audio demos on our website: here’s an example.

    An unimaginable amount of work has gone into that filter ( as well as the envelopes and oscillators). so we’re not likely to drop the price any time soon. But I am feeling generous, so I invite everybody grab a Manx Gigmate, no charge.

    The Manx website has changed unrecognisably during the last 6 months, so by all means, take a look at what we have been doing:

    Best Wishes,

    Damian, Manx Synthesizers

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