Elektron Intros Divine 909 Analog Rytm Sound Pack

Elektron has introduced Divine 909, a new Roland TR-909 sound pack for the Analog Rytm.

Here’s what they have to say about the new sound pack:

Allow us to pay the legendary old-school techno box our respects in the form of an Analog Rytm Sound pack. Thanks to Goldbaby, this collection of tape saturated 909 samples contains the stuff drum machine dreams are made of.

The sound pack is specifically made for the Analog Rytm. Included is an Analog Rytm project featuring 16 patterns and 16 kits. The kits also feature performances and scenes, great for live tweaking the patterns.

Divine 909 Sound Pack Audio Demos

Key features: Sound pack size: 4.1 MB. 16 bit/48 kHz/mono WAV samples. 1 project. 16 patterns. 16 kits. Scene and performance macros for each kit. 14 kicks. 21 snares. 13 toms. 6 hats. 6 cymbals. 2 claps. 2 rimshots.

Divine 909 is available now for US $15.

14 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Divine 909 Analog Rytm Sound Pack

        1. foundations of a rock group are a bassist, a guitarist, a drummer and a vocalist.

          foundations of house/techno are 101,303,606,707,808,909

          1. you mustn’t be very well educated as the history of roock music if you sum it up as simply as you have done and draw comparisons of the sound of the 303 to the bass sounds of John Entwhistle or Jaco Pastorius or Paul McCartney or Flea or Carol Kaye or Chris Squire or Tal Wilkenfeld. You have your head stuck in techno. There’s a bigger world out there.

            1. i think you mis understood me, my point is, that there are basics used in both styles of music, foundation sounds, bread and butter sounds. thats what i was drawing comparison to. If you can’t see that you’re either stubborn or stupid

                    1. thats just in mate, I don’t think that, i think that the bass guitar he used is comparable to a 303 that say armando used……. We’re talking about instruments, not musicians

  1. Am I the only one that keeps seeing Elektron announcements and feeling a little disappointed it’s NOT and OS update for the Octatrack…..to me this has become of of the evolutionary deadends in my gear, and one of the most expensive.

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