Arturia iProphet Coming To iPad


Arturia has not officially announced it yet, but it looks like they’ve got a new iPad synth on the way, iProphet.

According to leaked information that is making the rounds, iProphet is a recreation of the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet VS. The iProphet uses Vector synthesis to create its sounds, which allows for timbrel modulation. The raw sound can then be processed through a multimode filter and output effects.

Official specifications, pricing and availability are to be announced.

via The Prophecy

38 thoughts on “Arturia iProphet Coming To iPad

      1. it would be a great service to all if you would find time and to a head to head comparision vid.
        i am sure everyone is wondering how it holds up.

        1. I also have a VS. The Arturia app certainly looks like a VS but, based on the audio files Arturia posted, it sure doesn’t sound like one. The nearest I’ve heard to the VS sound on iOS is the PPG WaveGenerator – which, truthfully, sounds more like the VS than a 2.2 or 2.3.

          1. thanks for this. i´d like a more critical look, because arturia is pretty generous in the way they associate themselves with the original instruments.

          2. Making a judgement like that based on the presets/demos they’re publishing is completely useless. You’d need to do a detailed side by side comparison starting with the simplest of sounds and building up from there.

    1. i got way enough synths with knobs and buttons 🙂

      the ipad is just like a game console. its not riding a ferrari, its the simulation of it.

      no need to discuss if the real ferrari is better then the xbox version of it.

      no one questions that!

      but we are talking about a mobile computer that does synth emulations, so when youre a musician, why on earth would you complain about a prophet simulation ?? put 2k out of your pocket and buy one, if you like it that much^^

      1. The purpose of ferrari is getting from one place to the second. Simulation cant do it.
        The purpose of synth is creating sound. Simulations can do it.

  1. The only part that sucks is that retronyms is making it. So any of the usability features one would need to use with other apps or hardware will probably come about three years after the release date. Partially joking here, but their track record on this kind of stuff is not great.

    1. Unfortunately this is true. They could do with hiring a developer who knows how to do that stuff because lets face it, the current developers must know that we’re not that impressed and are either ignoring it out of spite or they are just not capable. I dount it is spite.

      1. I’m pretty sure that iSEM was a different developer. Great app!

        i’m interested to see this, but cautious. Retronyms seems to have a history of giving you 95% of an awesome product, but that 5% is pretty crucial. Like leaving out a full MIDI In/Out implementation on iMPC Pro.

        1. the imini has no midi clock in and no proper midi anyway – thanks to retronyms, i suppose. they want to force the imini to their platform. a shame that such a good sound comes from an instrument that is restricted to a single production environment that many people do not like. fortunately, the isem is more usable in this context.

  2. ” IDon’t ” have an IPad so ” IDon’t ” care.
    How about making some of these nice toys available on the Andriod (and let us worry about latency etc). All i have to play with is the super awesome Heat Synth and a cutdown but still great Morphwiz.
    Also a controller for the Modular V (on Andriod ofc) would be nice 🙂

    1. truly genius wordplay there.
      is there anything else you would like? the developers are just waiting to fulfill your personal needs.
      actually now you mention it, i have a commodore64 lying somewhere. i also need them to jump on it and port that animoog and gadget.
      let me deal with the 64kb memory.

  3. why music app are not dev on androïd :
    – too much latency
    – too open > piracy
    – people on iOS spend more $ on apps than on androïd, you will sell more
    – not a ton of different hardware config
    – the music app ecosystem is already big on iOS
    – a lot of people doing music on their computer are already apple customer and will have a Mac AND an iOS device

    For the moment, mobile music = iPad, but it can change

          1. Donald should also check out Sunvox 😀

            Donald should also get an iPhone and come and join the party!!

            Sorry mate, it’s all just a bit too funny, no offence intended 😉

            1. Tried out Caustic, really nice thanks for the info.
              and Lazer…chill out, don’t be such a dick 😛 I’m well aware of the IPad’s place in music making and am all for it, but ATM all i have is a crappy Andriod, was meant to be funny but people like you always have to take it that little bit too far with your scathing sarcasm and dry witt (or something).

              1. about time they gonna try something else then only iShizzle..
                hopefully bitwig will be great on linux.. then byebye Android, Windows and Apple..

  4. The joystick is the VS’s greatest synthesis weapon. I’ve owned 2 Prophets and a friend had a VS keyboard, so I’ve had some experience with Dave’s world. At this point, setting aside debate over iPads or Arturia, the main point is the wavetable. I was wowed by single-cycle waves when they became more “new,” but now, I use them for layering or specific clarity. Most of them occupy a certain sonic space like analog and FM do, so you need to know your paint to make the best use of them. Vectoring is now more common in a couple of forms, so the thing that would send me here is this: can you load your own samples to vector? No fault if you can’t, as its a recreation, so fair enough. I’ve just come to add more acoustic or gritty things to my work for the beef. If I could use even one sample as a vector, that’d be a big deal. I avoid Arturia over the bloody dongles, but a pal has the Moog Modular V and praises it highly, so this will probably be another of their “Wins” for accuracy. You sure can’t fault their modeling.

  5. Although I’m a huge hardware synth guy, I love Arturia’s iSeries line of synths. I can take these synth out anywhere where I want without the worry of cables AC adapters, de-tuning and much more.

  6. A


    How about all the good devs get together and make a really all inclusive daw? One that has an option of 3-4 different types of synths, a decent sequencer with midi AND audio tracks. A drum synth, export of INDIVIDUAL stems thus named and easily filed in one folder to Dropbox.

    A daw that we can just settle with and get on with the serious task of actually completing and publishing real finished and polished tracks instead of throwing some “idea” at soundcloud to show off to our mates.

    A daw that will finally shut up the nay sayers who think the iOS platform is for sketching ideas only!

    Instead, we get another bloody synth, it may be a good un, but there are already lots of good ones on iOS that get forgotten about and unlearned cause yet another bloody synth arrives a few weeks later:)

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