CMI Pro Updated For iOS 8, Audiobus 2

peter-vogel-cmi-ipadPeter Vogel Instruments has updated CMI Pro for iPad, adding iOS 8, Audiobus 2.1 support and more.

Here’s what’s new in CMI Pro Version 1.6:

  • ┬áProvides compatibility with iOS 8 and Audiobus 2.1
  • Audiobus Presets are available for Audiobus 2: save your favourite song or instrument and load it from Audiobus. Use as many presets as you like.
  • The sampling page has better layout for iPad, and on the iPad the sampled waveform is now displayed.
  • Some bugs have been squashed.

Note: Because of Audiobus 2 requirements, the CMI App is now only available for iOS 7 and later. If you are running iOS 5 or 6, you will only be able to install CMI 1.5.11, which is the last iOS 5 compatible version.

Peter Vogel CMI Pro is available in the App Store for US $49.99. The standard version is available for $9.99.

If you’ve used CMI Pro, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

20 thoughts on “CMI Pro Updated For iOS 8, Audiobus 2

    1. Admin: Personal attack deleted. Please keep your comments on topic and constructive.

      We encourage active discussion of gear and apps, but do not allow personal attacks, name-calling etc.

      1. A lot of unwanted comments have been deleted and labeled as “personal attacks” by the admin. Yet there are plenty of actual personal attacks that never gets deleted.

        Either he filters for comments being critical of products he is promoting or he is just very sensitive ­čśë

        1. yeah nice and all but yours were directed at mine and erics.
          and mine at the fact that the app is a scam living off fairlight name.

          i am really interested in what your own experiences with the CMI were since the negative comments about the app bothered you.

          please, go ahed and bring some positive feedback if you will.

        2. Observant readers will note that the first comment on this post is “This app is next to useless,” which makes clear that we do not delete comments that are critical of particular products. We delete ones where commenters call other people idiots, scumbags, douchebags and worse.

          We expect commenters to man up and contribute intelligently to the discussion. That means you are encouraged to debate the merits of products and to debate each others’ opinions, but not to attack other people.

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  1. I’m super confused. My post was the first, and ended IMHO (“in my humble opinion”) Was that construed as an attack???!? Seriously, how is that not a legitimate comment? The button says “Post Comment” – well here I go again…..pressing “Post Comment” button….hope I don’t get flamed

  2. Truth be told, I purchased this app out of curiosity

    Curiosity killed the cat called “iTunes credit”

    Terrible app IMHO , never totally recovered from the shock of blowing so much cash at one app only to find out its shite

    Developers clearly out of tune with real iOS apps

  3. I’ve stood up for this app before and echoing a bit of that: I grew up loving the sound of the Fairlight and any “Fairlight” sound libraries I heard previous to this app seemed close-but-not-quite sonically right. This app sounded Right to my ears. I also found the true-to-the-era sequencer brilliantly limited and nostalgic to my own initial music sequencing (on a Mac Plus).
    Admittedly this is a specialized thing and the points i mention above are a niche affair – someone looking for a flexible all-round sampler / sequencer etc will almost certainly be disappointed – but to a fan like myself the app is absolutely worth having and using.

  4. I don’t get the griping either.

    The developers made extremely clear that this is intended as an accurate recreation of the Fairlight CMI application. The 80’s were not known for great user interfaces and computers of that era were limited by today’s standards, so why should anyone be surprised if the app is hard to use?

    They even describe the app as “part midi player, part creative tool and part history lesson”.l

    You may have buyer’s regret that the Fairlight CMI app that you bought is not the one that you wanted, but it’s not because anybody tricked you.

  5. There’s a problem with the update. Whenever I launch CMI in Audiobus it reads error over the icon and no audio plays through the keyboard.

    1. Yep, that sounds like an accurate re-creation of the original Fairlight. It sucked with Audiobus.

      Sorry this post was wrongly placed below the prior comment.

  6. Personally I love this app. Yes it’s a bit quirky but never the less…now the problem is that since the update whenever I launch the app I get an error message. Does anyone else have this problem?

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