4 Ways To Use A Roland AIRA TB-3


This video, via The Circuit Symphony, takes a look at four ‘totally random’ ways of using the new Roland Aira TB-3:

  • Playing it as a sound module with a keyboard MIDI controller
  • Playing it with with PK6 Bass Pedals
  • Using the Arpeggiator of an external synthesizer
  • Connected to an iPad running a virtual analog sequencer

While the video demonstrates multiple ways of using the TB-3 as a sound module, it skips some of the more obvious uses, such as using it as a bassline synth or as a sequencer with external synth modules.

7 thoughts on “4 Ways To Use A Roland AIRA TB-3

  1. I tricked out my Roland system 1 aira keyboard to double as a final cut pro X controller. The jog wheel works incredibly well in this capacity and the whole thing is a great fit. I score videos all the time, so the jog wheel synced with FCPX is convenient and smooth to work with. Play the keys or knobs with my one hand, precisely advance the video with the other on the same device! there aren’t too many midi controllers, much less synths with a big jog wheel.

  2. Roland…

    how about open up the synthesis engine to user’s who would like to dive deeper than using presets?

    then there would be countless ways to “use the TB-3”, under the umbrella of “sound design” as opposed to “preset tweaking”…

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