Pioneer To Sell DJ Equipment Business For More Than Half A Billion Dollars

pioneer-PLX-1000-turntableRTTNews reports that Japanese electronics maker Pioneer Corp. plans to sell its DJ equipment business to a U.S. private equity firm, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), for 59 billion yen (about $551 million).

Pioneer would then acquire a portion of the newly issued shares in PDJ Holdings Co., Ltd (PDJHD), which would be owned 85.05% by KKR and 14.95% by Pioneer.

The agreed purchases are planned to close by March 2015.

Pioneer’s DJ equipment business develops, manufactures, and sells equipment for DJs, including DJ players, mixers, controllers, headphones, and speakers.

via Nasdaq, RTTNews

8 thoughts on “Pioneer To Sell DJ Equipment Business For More Than Half A Billion Dollars

  1. This sale gives us a rough estimate of the world population of DJs.
    We know DJs are 26 years old, but we never knew there were over 4 million of them!
    By this estimate, there are only 1.4 dancers per DJ. Their habitat is endangered.
    Please support your local clubgoer, audience member, or consumer of media who does not consider themselves to be an artist.
    Once the clubgoers collapse, so does the whole club biosphere.

  2. Lol, no wonder pioneer want rid of it! Not surprised cause all you need now is an iPad with traktor Dj on it

    Seriously, what can be accomplished with these bloody cdjs can be done easier and cheaper with an iPad now.

    Hands up who finds it bloody annoying seeing djs press the bloody stop start button constantly and pretending to “be in the mix ” by using the mixers fx?

    I mean, some of them look so edgy that they always gotta be touching some knob lol!

    Bring back vynil and this would never have happened you know? It took real skill to beatmatch with 1210s, but now auto bpm sync does it all.

    Not only that, with modern Dj apps and software you actually SEE THE WAVFORM on each track and can see the kick drums line up, where the breakdowns are, where the hihat builds are

    But still, Tiesto and armin van Burren will PRERECORD a mix and mime to it live and get paid stupid sums for doing so.

    And there is so much looping going on that djing is no longer really djing anymore

    A bloody con is what it is and every damned kid wants to be skrillex:(

    True djing is a dying art, taken over by a whole lot of twats who think they are actually doing something skillful.

    Thus I lament

    1. yep beat matching on records is hard, no doubt there. my 90’s raving memories always involve waiting through 3-4 hours of trainwrecking totally pre-planned sets to hear the 2 or 3 good headlining djs. one nice thing about those color-coded waveform views is not having to memorize all of the records in a crate. also, 1 crate containing < 50 records = no real spontaneity.

  3. There is no comparison to the guitar guys, idiot. I lived through that – mixed in with a fear of the new and “you guys just press a button” was homophobia, racism, and yeah, a general close-mindedness towards the definition of music.

    In contrast, digital DJ setups today do more or less the same thing as what DJ’s have been doing for ages minus the skill. Prep =/= skill. It’s just prep. It’s not even practice. It’s prep – like what you I have to do for a colonoscopy, since I’m so old, right?

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