Taide’n Borg – The City on the Edge of Forever

Sunday Synth Jam: Taide’n Borg‘s The City on the Edge of Forever features the sound of a variety of vintage analog synths.

Technical details below.


  • Bass – Korg Monopoly
  • Poly synth – Roland Super JX 10
  • 1st Synth Lead – Korg Ms 20
  • 2nd Synth Lead – Korg Monopoly
  • LFO Synth – Roland Juno 60
  • Strings – Solina String Ensemble
  • Drums – Alesis HR 16 ( with Strellis Custom Eprom )
  • Drums add – Akai S900


  • Reverb – Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb Unit
  • Analog Delay – DOD Dfx9
  • Chorus – EH Deluxe Electric Mistress
  • Phaser – George Dennis GD95 Stereo Super Phaser
  • Tremolo – 2 Boss Tr 2 in parallel

via Sun’s May Flower (Official)

20 thoughts on “Taide’n Borg – The City on the Edge of Forever

  1. What is with all the hate? I thought it sounded great. I wish my music was as good as that. As D Stort said, let’s hear an example of your music whenever you leave a negative comment about someone else’s music.

  2. I, for one, think it’s refreshing to hear music from someone so totally unafraid of cheese. I might not buy an album of similar music, but it’s fun to hear timbres and melodies others might shy away from

  3. I totally enjoyed it…I don’t know where the cheese factor comes into it. Love the visuals, they fit perfectly with the music. Things like this will help break me out of my creative state of limbo!

  4. If cheese=not trendy, not hyped, not robotic and the fact that he’s actually playing the parts then maybe it is cheesy. And therefore I want some more cheese please.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well played and fun to hear. The alleged cheese comes in because the 70s/early 80s space-nostalgia is prominent on purpose. I LIKE Berlin school music, for example, but its also a rather frozen style. We know the basic formula too well now. In my view, you can overcome some of that with good context and sounds that AREN’T stamped with the style of their first appearance on the market. I love a nice sine wave as part of a lead, but it can sound a little quaint if too exposed. It stands out much more effectively when layered for its strengths. For my personal money, an exposed Solina sounds downright lame after so many years of use in disco and Jarre pieces, but its a solid player when layered with Mellotron or a notch under real sampled strings. I just want to hear more detail and ‘beef’ in sounds. With all that we have at hand, 10% more programming equals 50% more shazam.

  6. Well played, thoughtful execution. Not my style, I’m a pop hound. But I can certainly appreciate it, and enjoyed listening. Very nice bass patching/treatment. Thanks for doing it and posting, TB!

  7. Rad !!!! Im a bit puzzled by all the hate though, i personally cant get enough of this kinda stuff. nice reference to one of star treks finest episodes too !

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