Free Music Friday: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

Free Music Friday: Free Floating Music has released Quiet Friends – a 30th anniversary  tribute to the Steve Roach classic, Structures From Silence.

Quiet Friends is a collection of ambient music that is ‘inspired by the blueprint of Structures From Silence.

“I’m sure I first heard the hypnotic pulse of Structures From Silence while listening to Stars End on WXPN radio,” says Free Floating Music label head Brad Ross-MacLeod. “That was it. That was the sound of that place I was seeking.”

“This collection is dedicated with deep gratitude to him,” adds Ross-MacLeod, “for inspiring us stop and listen in that world and to make our own music there with him.”

Here’s what Steve Roach has to say about the album:

A Reflection on Quiet Friends:

This gathering of quiet friends—this experience of hearing the mutual resonation to a sound and space we each, in our own way, connect to—-stirs so many complex and wonderful emotions for me.

In every piece, I can sense that inexplicable yearning and desire to enter into the limitless space, wonder, and quiet depth of just being. This was the seed for Structures From Silence.

The authenticity of connecting to the present moment is so alive here. This collection is living proof of an omni-present soundcurrent, one these quiet friends here have tapped into in their own powerful way to create a multi-faceted jewel of a release. I am deeply honored and moved beyond by your efforts.

Respect and gratitude for this gift to you all!

Steve Roach

You can preview Quiet Friends via the embed above. Quiet Friends is a ‘name your own price’ download at Bandcamp. You can enter $0 or any other amount to download it. It is also a Creative Commons release.

2 thoughts on “Free Music Friday: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

  1. Excellent stuff! The musicians on the compilation do a great job of creating new pieces in the spirit or mood of the original Structures From Silence, without sounding like copies.

    Thanks for sharing this and kudos to Steve Roach for making a ambient classic!

  2. Thanks for sharing this – it’s an epic tribute to one of my favorite electronic musicians!

    I’ve listened to this once through and now I’ve got it on shuffle. All the tracks are very laid back, perfectly in keeping with the original, and lots of gorgeous synthesis.

    Probably the best compilation I’ve heard since the massive Die Welt Ist Klang Pete Namlook tribute.

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