Dtronics Teases Digidrum, 80’s Style Eurorack Drum Module

Dtronics released this sneak preview video for the Digidrum, described as an ’80’s style Eurorack drum module’.

Here’s what they have to say about the Digidrum Euro module:

With a 80’s soundset ( 8 sounds ). the samples are recorded with an Oberheim Prommer to get the right sound.

The unit also accepts home made sounds ( you have to put them in an serial eeprom or you can buy complete soundsets) or you can place one original 4K eprom with your Linndrum / DMX sound.

In the video demo, multiple Digidrum modules are sequenced as a modular drum machine.

Dtronics Digidrum Specifications:

  • accepts original LINN / DMX etc eproms (2732 / 4K)
  • accepts serial eeprom with custom sounds
  • Sound can be tuned to the extreme (to get thos dirty strange sounds)
  • 6HP wide

Pricing and availability info are to come, ‘soon’, via the Dtronics website.

8 thoughts on “Dtronics Teases Digidrum, 80’s Style Eurorack Drum Module

  1. The awesome thing about modular is being able to modulate things, making the sound change over time.
    It’s nice that you can load in samples, but I can also do that with a computer.

    Personally I would take a ‘Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas’ over this any day.

    But then again, its good new stuff keeps hitting the market, more choice for us, and other manufacturers have to stay on top of their game 🙂

  2. Hardware for the sake of hardware. It’s sample based, so no need for something this elaborate to trigger samples. Arturias VDM Spark would be far more useful than this.

  3. This might be very interesting if the DA side is also modelled on those early 80s drum machines. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one.

  4. not much features, nothing to modulate. but: it goes in the right direction, a really simple drum sample player for eurorack ( i dont care if you can modulate it or not, got other stuff for that purpose)…
    there´s anything (that i know of and that works well) like it that you can simply pop into your rack and have your drumtones played. especially usefull for live (a module loaded with old school machines sounds and some samples, whatever you´ll need) if you dont wanna bring a sampler for this (which as well is something rather hard to find, especially portable ones).

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