Carmina Burana On RCA Theremin

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, multi-instrumentalist Peter Pringle performs In Trutina, from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

The “Carmina Burana” is a collection of poems mostly in medieval Latin written in the 11th 12th and 13th centuries. They were discovered in 1803 in the Benedictine monastery of BENEDIKTBEUERN, in Bavaria. That is why I chose the chapel of the monastery as an appropriate place to play this piece.

via Peter Pringle

7 thoughts on “Carmina Burana On RCA Theremin

    1. Yes, even with a wide angle lens, the building is suspiciously leaning far back compared to the completely upright performer and instrument. Or he is leaning forward at a steep angle toward the camera in complete defiance of gravity.

    2. Also unless the chapel has a honking great skylight, where is that dazzling bright light right over his head coming from? Notice he says he chose the chapel as an appropriate place to play. He does not state explicitly that he was playing in the chapel.

  1. I dislike the sound of a Theremin. I am puzzled why people like them? I am into contemproary classical, (Wim Mertens etc)also, Drexciya, UR Juan Atkins, but yes the theremin is lost on me.

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