KDJ-ONE Sneak Preview, With Sid Wilson From Slipknot

CyberStep has released the first promotional video for their portable KDJ-One portable music studio.

The video features Slipknot’s Sid Wilson (DJ Starscream), who’s been involved in early testing of the KDJ-ONE.

The KDJ-One was originally announced at the 2012 NAMM Show.

Preliminary Features:

  • The KDJ-ONE is a mobile audio workstation with synthesizer, sequencer, and audio capabilities.
  • Compact size and battery allow it to be carried and used anywhere.
  • WLAN support enables quick and wireless integration into any existing production environment.
  • Multi-touch screen, keypad, and jog dial.
  • ACIDized WAV support allows time stretching/pitch shifting of audio clips.
  • Internal synthesizer can also be accessed via external software as a VSTi.
  • Sonic vibrator

The KDJ-One was originally introduced in 2012, with a price of $799 without WiFi or $829 with WiFi. Official pricing and details are to be announced.

With a commercial release slated for 2015, the KDJ-ONE will be available for pre-purchase on Kickstarter. Early supporters will be able to purchase the device at a discounted price.

26 thoughts on “KDJ-ONE Sneak Preview, With Sid Wilson From Slipknot

  1. A synthesizer, sequencer, and audio capabilities for $829 with WiFi. Eat your heart out iPAD! I’ll take 2, one for each pocket.

  2. Remove the video, just listen to what he says and you wouldn’t know whether he’s promoting that thing or just any laptop with a DAW….

  3. Doesn’t really have much going for it for the price when you compare it to the obvious competition does it? Also, why is it so big?

  4. I really hate people who wear sunglasses for promotional videos when they’re indoors. They should’ve found someone that makes interesting music at least!

  5. Part of me thinks the makers of this device chose this spokesman because he might appeal to kids – but does he? Certainly he doesn’t appeal to adults – so who Does he represent aside from a result of improper parenting and a thuggish pride in bad taste?

  6. i’d love to mess with it, portable battery powered fun is one of the best things ever, why not more devices like that?

    i am curious to hear more details about sample sound mangling, the included synthesis methods, fx, and all

  7. For $800, would you want a kdj-one or an OP-1?

    Unless they make a better price point, these are gonna be passed over for the OP-1 anyday.

  8. Beat Thang Redux: The Thangening

    Who put up the venture capital for this, and who decided the spokesman should be DJ Starscream of notable dead 00s nu-metal Slipknot? I can’t remember the last time I heard of them, let alone heard of them in a non-derogatory context.

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