How To Make A Sushi Sequencer

As part of the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo, the Sushi Sequencer was created, ‘celebrating Japan’s many artistic practices’. The Sushi Sequencer brings together two of them: Sushi and music technology.

Here’s what they have to say about the Sushi Sequencer:

The idea was to make a sushi conveyor belt a playable sequencer. While the results in the video are tongue-in-cheek, the technology behind it is anything but:

Helped along by a team from Native Instruments, both Just Blaze and TOKiMONSTA synced music to colored plates on the conveyor belt, making for one of the world’s most delicious music-making machines ever created.

See the RBMA site for more info.

One thought on “How To Make A Sushi Sequencer

  1. Interesting, quirky and imaginative. Environment turned into musical instrument becomes performance piece with the audience inside it. On a side note, though it’s so much more common now, but I will always remember the strange oddness of Stephen Wright telling us about his new girlfriend who was a beautiful blonde haired Chinese girl.

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