The Literal Step Sequencer

StepSequencer is a multimedia museum installation, created by interactive design studio Schnellebuntebilder, that takes step sequencing literally. 

Sounds and beats are being created by the StepSequencer for as long as you interact with the exhibit’s stations: a round floor-projected “instrument” and three physical tools on the side – one for jumping, one for twisting and one for seesawing.

The pads of the round floor projection are activated by touch. If you activate a field with your hands or feet, a sound plays each time the rotating pointer hits the field. Depending on the marked pad’s position, different sounds are played

Technical Details:

  • Concept / Design / Code: Johannes Timpernagel, Ingolf Heinsch, Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle –
  • Sound: Moritz Haberkorn –
  • VVVV –
  • Ableton Live + Max for Live –

2 thoughts on “The Literal Step Sequencer

  1. I make electronic music but i also do a fair deal of dancing and i was a little inspired by this. I would have a lot of fun of this thing!

  2. It’s clear that that music that is playing is not at all related to the actions of the people seemingly “triggering” the sound.
    (either that, or it’s substantially out-of-sync)

    Seems more to be a concept example, than actual product demonstration. Disappointing.

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