Roger Linn LinnStrument Goes On Sale, Already Nearly Sold Out


It looks like there’s some pent-up interest in Roger Linn’s new LinnStrument.

The first batch of 37 LinnStruments went on sale last night. As of this morning, there is one still available.

The LinnStrument is a multi-touch instrument that is designed to be an “expressive alternative to the MIDI keyboard controller”.

Unlike traditional MIDI controllers or touchscreen devices, the LinnStrument’s multi-touch surface captures three dimensions of each finger’s movement, polyphonically. This allows for a far greater degree of musical expression than can be achieved on a MIDI keyboard.

In addition to providing standard strike velocity, typically finger pressure (Z axis) is used to vary note loudness, finger left-right (X axis) movement is used to vary pitch, and finger forward-backward (Y axis) movement is used to vary timbre.

Here’s an example of the LinnStrument in action – firmware developer Geert Bevin, using it to control ThumbJam:

The LinnStrument is priced at $1499. The first batch of instruments is expected to ship between November 17th and December 5.

10 thoughts on “Roger Linn LinnStrument Goes On Sale, Already Nearly Sold Out

  1. I’m not at all surprised, this is revolutionary kit & I can’t wait to see what folks do with it.

    I have serious GAS for this; maybe next year, got to save up 🙂

  2. Like other commenters, I’m not surprised. It’s a pretty incredible instrument. Can’t wait to see the hacks people come up with. Though at $1500 it’s not exactly in the range of your average hardware hacker. I imagine a Live controller and Monome style things will happen fairly quickly.

    I love that on his site you can pre order this beast, buy adrenalinn stuff or buy an OS for the MPC60. 🙂

  3. I got mine, suckas! Eat your heart out!

    (seriously – when I saw the email come in, I pretty much dropped everything to pre-order. I had a feeling these were going to go quickly)

  4. I am order #10. Called it in ten minutes after I got the email that the sale was live. I’ve been waiting four years closely following this project.

  5. It’s pretty amazing. If I had more time to invest in my music I’d really want to teach myself this instrument. And it’s reasonably priced compared to a good violin or heaven forfend a tuba!

    1. Good perspective!

      When people gripe about the price of electronic music gear, it’s obvious they haven’t seem priced for traditional instruments lately.

    1. Thanks! And for those of you who missed out – there’s a fair chance that my wife will slit my throat when she see’s it – so keep your eyes open for estate sales.

      (When it rains it pours: a couple of hours earlier I purchased a Miku Stomp on eBay)

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