nChord v3 HeartEater ‘MIDI Control Super-Instrument’ Now Available


Avantgarde Sound has released nChord v3 – HeartEater – a ‘harmony modular super algorithm/MIDI control super instrument’ for the Liine Lemur platform on iPad.

The app turns an iPad into a MIDI controller based on music theory, with a library of 7,000 chords and dozens of scales.

Here’s what’s new in nChord v3:

  • External MIDI Controller Support: Before you could use any and all of nChord’s included 4 MIDI controllers only internally, namely: ChordBank, NoteBoard, TileBoard and PadBoard. Now with v3, you can:
    • Connect your 3rd party MIDI note controller (any pedal board, keyboard controller, drum pad controller, MIDI guitar, etc.) to nChord’s MIDI input.
    • Tap the MIDI Learn button function in nChord, and strike the left-most (lowest) key on your controller.
      Connect nChord’s MIDI output to any sound generator MIDI input port.
  • Those 3 simple steps turn your generic controller’s MIDI notes into in-harmonic-only notes. You can trigger any ChordBank stored chord and/or you can trigger nChord PadBoard’s scale player. Besides its harmony and chord design capabilities, this new feature turns nChord into a realtime harmonic translator.
  • It works with any 3rd party controller that sends MIDI notes.
  • Full Save and Recall: All ChordBank settings and your factory or custom crafted chords can be saved and recalled for continuing your work.
  • Dedicated Chord Velocity Mixer for ChordBank: With velocity master and interpolation controls.
  • NoteBoard Sense: Input custom chords in realtime via MIDI into NoteBoard, and save them with the new HotChord function (a realtime chord “grabber”) in ChordBank for your performance via ChordBank itself or via an external MIDI device controlling ChordBank.

Pricing and Availability

nChord v3 – HeartEater is available now for an introductory price of $49 (Regular price: $69). Details on the new version are available at the Avantgardesound site.

If you’ve used nChord, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

22 thoughts on “nChord v3 HeartEater ‘MIDI Control Super-Instrument’ Now Available

  1. I wish there were some videos showing nchord being controlled by an external midi controller, and better quality video… the app looks impressive, the site is a bit chaotic but I definitely want to see more

    1. Yeah, for a company that’s called ‘Avant garde’ Sound, their website screams ’90s web design. I’m surprised they don’t have a repeating gif background.

    2. Hey Kobamoto, definitely agreed and thanks much for the very positive stance. I am working on a new video for v3 as we speak actually. Thing is I am trying to improve my sucky video production techniques (compared to the v1 video) hahaha 😉 But don’t worry, it’ll happen eventually. In the meantime you can check the video for v1 on our website: Cheers!

  2. the price on these apps is creeping up, no longer can you just throw £5-10 at an app and take a punt on wether you like it or not. disposability is now replaced by carful consideration and thats why as the gentleman said above a video would have been nice.

  3. Agreed. I have no problem with pricing apps realistically for what they do and what the developer needs in order to stay in business and support the product. But as the buyers, we need to have good information to make intelligent purchase decisions.

  4. Sure thing Gary. And as I keep working to improve videos and websites, I am making myself available here to respond to any questions you and all fine Synthtopia ladies and gents readers may have. It’ll be my pleasure. Shoot!!

    1. Right…..Just 1 video Published on Dec 22, 2012. wow. I don’t recall my iphone 4 needing 2 years to upload to youtube. #fail

    1. Hey Kobamoto, I think there is definitely a good chance, I have a good amount of foundation work done for it but we still need the support of the community within current platform in order to be able to afford the porting and support, which is not cheap. I think (and hope), with time, people will realize all the goodness that nChord brings to the music creation table as it encompasses some nice concepts and approaches that were not out there before it. I’ll keep working hard to help that happen! Cheers,
      Avantgarde Sound

    1. Hey Andrei, it is possible to do that via the sequencer of your choice. Ie., anything you do in nChord can be performed and recorded in your sequencer since nChord can be controlled via MIDI but it can also control and transmit its harmonic output to a third party sound generator or a track in your sequencer via MIDI; from there, most sequencers do support MIDI file exports. Cheers,
      Avantgarde Sound

  5. Glad that you’re positively engaged, A-G. Looking forward to the next round of videos. It’s an intriguing idea, and I’d love to see just how it works.

    1. Thanks, Gary. Sure consider yourself and all synthtopians invited to join the newsletter for news updates and tutorials (email at the top of the page here: ). I will announce the upcoming quick video tutorials via Twitter, follow us here: @tweetAvantgarde
      Cheers and thanks so much for your support!
      Avantgarde Sound

      1. Great product idea—especially if you realize the value
        I am not much of a player but the autoharmony devices are getting better
        and make composing a blast

        I need to get one of these and an Ipad


  6. I bought this software and it is sh*t. It wont even install. The designer blamed Lemur and washed his hands of my issues. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY but at least you dont have to make my mistake!!

      100% of our users all over the world are at the very least content with our AWESOME product, except one. The only one disgruntled user we ever had was one that does not know what MIDI is and he is frustrated because he still can’t understand this widely used protocol. We offered this individual as much guidance as we could, yet in the end he threatened us to give us bad publicity all over the web. I hope you are not that person. If you are not, I AM HERE, SO FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTION AND I WILL PROVIDE YOU TECHNICAL SUPPORT PUBLICLY. Otherwise, please just let us be and stop trying to kill a project that has proven to be so usefull to so many people in the world, which is mainly the reason why I created and released it.

  7. No YouTube videos. Not even from customers who bought the product. This is some Russian pirate group stealing money from people. Do not buy

    1. Avantgarde Sound nor the vast majority of its users are in the business of releasing videos with explosions and bs explosive sounds to make appear a bs product attractive. Furthermore, the fact that we are busy in our respective endeavors does not make us “some Russian pirate group” nor do we steal anything from anyone. Please quit the libel, your IP address is logged everywhere you are posting.

      1. Nonetheless, if you are a legitimate user with a legitimate issue, and you think we can help you, please just send a support request using the email at our website but please avoid the insults and keep it civil. We have a 100% record of solving any technical issues relating to nChord in a matter of hours actually. Happy to help. Not so for unjustified insults. Regards, Abe.

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