BT Raises $100K For Electronic Opus Symphony Concerts

bt-opus-electronicaIt looks like there are a lot of people interested in seeing and hearing electronic symphonic music.

The BT Electronic Opus project – a planned symphonic + electronic performance series and album – has raised $100K via Kickstarter.

BT plans to create hybrid symphonic electronic arrangements of 12-14 of his tracks and then perform them with a hybrid orchestra. 

The arrangements will be for electronics, symphony orchestra and choir. BT has provided a budget estimate for the project, and the majority of the costs are associated with hiring and recording a symphony and choir; and creating scores for them to use.

Details and previews for Electronic Opus are available at the project site.

2 thoughts on “BT Raises $100K For Electronic Opus Symphony Concerts

  1. Great! Heartwarming people believe in this project so much that they acted so fast!

    Looking forward to hearing the result. Well done Brian and his fans.

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