The Sound Of Interstellar

The latest episode of the SoundWorks Collection video series takes a look at the sound of Interstellar.

SoundWorks Collection is an ongoing series that looks at various aspects of sound in film, including foley sound, sound design and scoring.

This episode features Interstellar Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King, talking about the sound team’s extensive work on Director Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi film.

In addition to the video, you can listen to an interview with composer Hans Zimmer about his score for Interstellar:

9 thoughts on “The Sound Of Interstellar

  1. I’m much impressed by good sound design in general as an art all its own, but I’m even more keen on a sci-fi soundtrack that serves up so much pipe organ. The instrument is a beast and should be wrung out more often, especially with music that’s not part of a liturgy. I’m buyin’ it.

  2. At times this movie was so quiet that when I saw it I noticed the sound of 440 people chewing on popcorn and snacks and drinking soft drinks, that was annoying..

    The sound designers of the big movies today is working with sound just like electroacoustic composers, they are telling a story through sound. The only differenece is they have a big audience. But the movie soundtrack sadly often overshadows the sound fx.

    For this movie, it had been cool if they released the sound design soundtrack to allow us to really listen to it.

  3. I couldn’t connect with the story and charachters in this movie, there is something in the Nolan’s storytelling that doesn’t work for me, but I must admit that technically the movie is brilliant.

    1. His movies are always intelligently written and thoughtfully crafted, but with the exception of Dark Knight, they seem to be missing ‘heart’. You don’t end up caring that much about the characters.

      Nevertheless, i still think of his movies as ‘must see’ films, and this one looks like no exception!

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