Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Walkthrough 3: Bindings


Here’s the third and final video in developer Michael Tyson‘s development preview of Loopy: Masterpiece Edition.

Tyson, developer of Loopy and AudioBus, is starting development of a new ‘Masterpiece Edition’ of his Loopy software looper for iOS. It will incorporate DAW-like features, including a linear timeline view, track automation and more.

Here is a playlist that includes all of his sneak preview videos:

Note: These are design previews on a project that’s in early development. Tyson blogging the development of Loopy: Masterpiece Edition at a project site, and is looking for feedback from Loopy users. He expects the new version to be available in 6-12 months.

2 thoughts on “Loopy: Masterpiece Edition Walkthrough 3: Bindings

  1. this software is increasingly promising but also increasingly complex i’m becoming more and more convinced this is a full DAW project which is breaking all preconceptions…. which I think will take years of planning and programming. minimum 24 month turn around and a lot of bugs when it comes out initially.

    very much worth waiting for though

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