18 thoughts on “Waves Announces Black Friday Free Plugin Giveaway

  1. Pretty empty as a teaser. We learn nothing that is not already in the title of the thread. It’s not a tease, more a waste (of time).

  2. The only reason I could imagine them giving away something decent for free is that they might be trying to redeem their somewhat mixed reputation for skinning their long-time users with update prices, etc.

  3. I got “This e-mail address has previously been removed for flagging a message as spam/abuse. If you believe this to be in error, please contact the account owner.”. I guess they don’t want me as a customer any more.

  4. The fact we are being asked to sign up for a free plug-in 4 days early without description, or even a hint at the plug-in, makes me feel I’m signing up for a free plug-in that is like a couple of things I already have but not as good as them. Waves make me feel like a pawn in dirty marketing game, I won’t be having that – stick it where the sun don’t shine… but I bet they actually think the sun shines from there!

  5. i’m doubtless going to get down-voted to hell for this, but why all the hostility towards waves?

    i bought the mercury+ssl bundle on offer a while ago – i think it cost me about £2200 in one of their 60% off months – which works out at about £15 per plugin. the update plan costs about £150 a year (it’s capped per machine) and for that i’ve got, on average, two or three new plugins a year (including some amazing ones like vitamin and the codex synth), and when it goes to version 10, that’ll be free.

    the copy protection is painless compared to ilok / e-licenser and is dongle free (though you can use a usb key as a dongle if you wish)

    plus, their customer service is excellent – you can get them on the phone if it’s urgent, and they respond to emails within a couple of hours, usually

  6. I’ll gladly pay for something *useful* from any company, but I find a lot of the Waves stuff is just repeating the same idea. I mean, repeating it very well, but still some of the content is a little redundant. So I buy individual plugins that I really need when I need them (and I usually manage to restrain myself until they’re on offer). 🙂

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