Gary Numan’s Live Rig


Gary Numan shared this image of his live rig from a hotel rehearsal for his London show on Friday.

Numan’s rig combines 30+ years and three generations of electronic music technology – ranging from the Oberheim OBXa (which was released pre-MIDI) to a laptop to a tablet running a virtual Minimoog app (iMini?).

14 thoughts on “Gary Numan’s Live Rig

  1. – chrome desk lamp
    – white paint on wall
    – off white plastic telephone – sat on the desk
    – pencil sat on small pad of paper

  2. I wonder how many backup OBXa’s he has. Toting those around the world at their age is a very ballsy move in 2014. Mine was toured around the world by UR in the eighties- that’s Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks, if you don’t know. And it shows the wear, but it still sounds amazing. I used to live above Submerge in Juan Atkins’ old place, when I got to know Mad Mike.

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