More Analog-Style Presets For The Korg Microkorg

Sound designer Alba Ecstasy has released a new collection of presets for the Korg MicroKorg & MS2000.

The video, above, offers a preview of Analog Microkorg VOL. 2. The library offers 128 presets for Microkorg/MS2000. According to AE, the sound library features ‘much noisier, much brutal bass sounds much… calm and space pads and dreamy leads!.

The library is priced at € 20.00, but it’s available currently with a 25% introductory discount.

14 thoughts on “More Analog-Style Presets For The Korg Microkorg

  1. Yeah…does it accept MIDI transfer of patches through an Editor? I don’t see a USB port on micro korg , but I’m wondering if it’s a USB to MIDI cord that would allow transfer of the patches.

    1. Yes, with a MIDI to USB or with a MIDI interface and DIN5 MIDI cables, you can transfer presets to Microkorg. Also see the answer bellow this one.
      Today I hope I’ll finish the “how to upload presets on Microkorg” video tutorial on Youtube.

      PS: Microkorg must have the memory protection OFF and the MIDI clock > EXT (external).

  2. i really like this guys sounds but I don’t understand how do you load up and keep patches that you like?
    I’ve seen the patch editor and I don’t think it allows you to load up and save patches one at a time so how can you load up 10 patches from one of his libraries and then load up 10 patches from another library?

  3. are people actually buying these? As an analog synth enthusiast these don’t sound remotely like analog sounds. I have a microkorg and could design better patches of people are looking to buy them.

    1. I think there are a lot of musicians who maybe don’t have the time to program new synth patches to use along with their primary instrument like guitar or whatever. So they have the cheapest most reliable battery powered synth and they just need some new sounds or new sound making starting points so they don’t sound like every other act with an MK.

  4. yes I like his patches, whether they sound like analog or not is another question.
    I would like to hear your patches as well, if I like them I would purchase them.

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