Recording Animoog Into Ableton Live Via iConnectMIDI4+

In this video, Chris Stack of experimentalsynth explores using the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ audio/MIDI interface to record audio from Animoog on his iPad directly into Ableton Live

The iConnectMIDI4+ lets you connect Macs, PCs, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) devices simultaneously. Its Audio passThru technology lets you route audio between them digitally, simply appearing as an audio interface to the operating systems.

Here’s what Stack says about the video:

Some quick examples using an iConnectMIDI4+ to run digital audio from Animoog directly into Ableton Live.

The great audio quality of Animoog (coupled with the digital audio pipe that iConnect provides) makes for some great sound design when combined with effects like those in Ableton.


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