Audulus For Windows Ready For Beta Testing


Developer Taylor Holliday has announced that Audulus for Windows – a port of his software modular synthesizer for iOS & OS X – is now ready for beta testing.

And he is looking for Windows users to beta test it:

And I’m looking for testers.

You’ll need to have the iOS or Mac version of Audulus and have some experience with the program, so this beta is only open to folks who have posted a patch on the forum.

If you’re interested in being involved in the Audulus for Windows beta test, PM Holliday via the Audulus forum.

4 thoughts on “Audulus For Windows Ready For Beta Testing

  1. Just wondering if its ever going to ported over to Mac at some point, as most muso’s use this os anyway & would be more useful to me. I’m a fan of this as well as i’ve got for my phone, but would b much more useful as an app on a desktop than a mobile device.

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