LaunchSync PRO Demo

Isotonik Studios shared this video demo of LaunchSync PRO.

LaunchSync PRO extends on the functionality of the free LaunchSync device, by adding four banks of MIDI-mappable controls that will dynamically follow the Red Box of the Master Controller.

Here’s what they have to say about the demo:

In this video we show how we’ve worked with the touchAble team to sync our LaunchSync PRO device with touchAble 3 so that you can sync hardware to your iPad…

We’ve also upgraded the LaunchSync device to the PRO version with the addition of 96 MIDI mappable dials that will dynamically follow the master controllers Ring Focus Box (red box)…

This works a dream with the LaunchControl XXL script which in addition to providing an on screen ring focus box also gives a user made that maps the 24 Potentiometers of the LaunchControl XL to the currently Blue Handed device and allows you to banks through the available parameters directly from the controller….

LaunchSync and LaunchSync Pro are available at the Isotonik site.

via Darren Cowley

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