Rob Papen RAW Synthesizer Now Available For Mac, Windows


Rob Papen has released RAW – a new software synthesizer, for Mac & Windows.

“RAW has a focus on ‘distorted’ sounds, so this means that it has a different signal setup, synthesizer-wise,,” notes Papen. “We have two oscillators and a FILTER, but what is new when compared to our other synthesizers is that you have an EQ that can be pre- or post-distortion. After that, there is also a WAVESHAPER and dedicated DISTORTION module with several types of distortion, as well as a LOW FI control. This is new to this synthesizer, and it’s part of the concept that the distortions are on the voice level, so it’s not just a case of a total signal going into the distortions, but rather each voice has its own WAVESHAPER, DISTORTION, and LOW FI — plenty of options to shape the sound here!”

Here’s what Papen has to say about RAW:

RAW has two oscillators, each with an X/Y field, (as included in Blade and BLUEII) to distort the waveform using Phase Distortion. You can also draw two of your own ‘waveforms’ and use them as LFO waveforms enabling the creation of unique ‘wobble’ movements that are perfect for for DubStep and other electronic music styles.

RAW has all the great Rob Papen filters to shape your sound further, but in a refreshing twist, ‘EQ’, ‘Waveshaper’, ‘Distortion’ and ‘LoFi’ have also been added on a voice synthesis level. Other FX such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Stereo delay and the amazing HQ Reverb of Rob Papen can all be added to your sound and of course, the cool Arpeggiator/Sequencer, Easypage and preset bank manager have all been included as standard.

In true Rob Papen style, RAW comes with many great presets with mainly contributions from several well known DJs and Producers for instant user inspiration!

Promo, Ophidian, Mad dog, Deathmachine, D-Passion, Rob Fabrie, DJ Thera, N-Vitral, Tha Playah, DJ Hidden, The Viper, Warface and many more…

Here’s the official video teaser:

Audio demos are available at Papen’s site.

Rob Papen RAW is available now, for € 119 (included VAT) | USD 143 through Dec 31, 2014. Normal price: € 149 | USD 179.

If you’ve used RAW, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Rob Papen RAW Synthesizer Now Available For Mac, Windows

  1. I like that it’s using fairly uncommon phase distortion for a bit of uniqueness and single screen GUI’s are where it’s at.

  2. I like this synth better than Blue 2. While the presets are kind of brash for my taste the setup is very intuitive and some great sounds can be made in minutes, The sync option on oscillator two is particularly useful for creating evolving melodies. Sounds like a cooler version of quad with similar options but more power. 9 of 10 so far.. havent mastered it

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