Kush Tweaker Pushes The Envelope So Hard It’s Left Breathing Heavy


Kush has introduced Tweaker – a sidechain shaping compressor that they say combines ‘an old soul with a post-modern brain’.

Tweaker expands the range and function of its traditional compressor controls, then adds ‘Sidechain Shaper’ section which allows you to select and shape what the compressor ‘sees’ and therefore how it responds—from simple HPFs to complex and flexible multi-shelving filters.

Kush’s Gregory Scott says “This box creates a wider array of effects than any other compressor ever made”.

Here’s the official intro:

And here, Scott uses a pair of Tweakers to bend a beat to his will:


  • 19″ Rack Discrete-VCA Mono Compressor
  • High torque 21-step fully detented pots
  • Unique ‘Sidechain Shaper’ focuses compression on desired frequency bands
  • Curve: simultaneous ratio and knee adjustment,
    from 2:1 soft-knee to 30:1 hard knee limiting
  • Variable Attack: from 10 microseconds to 70 milliseconds.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of Input, Output and Gain Reduction levels.
  • Switchable Release: Fast Single Stage and Vintage Opto-style Dual Stage
  • Single-Stage Release: 20ms-500ms
  • Dual-Stage Release: 500ms-7500ms
  • Linkable Stereo operation
  • XLR & 1/4″ TRS balanced i/o
  • 240V & 120V compatible

The Tweaker is available now, priced at US $1,495. See the Kush site for details.

16 thoughts on “Kush Tweaker Pushes The Envelope So Hard It’s Left Breathing Heavy

  1. Anyone tends to wonder after the first minute of the second vid if we are going to watch a hardware demo or a rapping madness … ?

  2. Seh nur das preview vom unteren Video “like overdriven tape” und überlege nun welche echte Bandmaschine am besten wäre fur 300€ max… tipps?

    1. Sorry. Translation: seeing preview stating “like real tape” and wonder which real tape machine would be best to get for a budget of 300€. Hints anyone?

  3. reminds me of the Elysium transient shaper crossed with a distressor. Very very cool…. just wish he made a stereo version instead of making me buy two. I mean, why demo it on the drum bus and then only sell it as single channel racks?

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