Sparkle Advanced Cross-Synthesis App Now Available

apeSoft has released Sparkle for iOS –  a tool for advanced spectral hybridizations, made of several algorithms that operate on frequency domain.

Here’s what they have to say about Sparkle:

The basic idea is to transfer the temporal structure of a sound (source) onto another sound (target) of which the spectral properties are preserved.

Simply put, you can take a voice and make it sing a Beethoven’s symphony!

apeSoft is the developer behind apeFilter, GliderVerb and iVCS3.

Sparkle is described as a Spectral Manipulation, Cross Synthesis, phase-sync transformation audio app for iPad.

Details are few in the official specs, so the videos are currently the best reference for Sparkle’s capabilities.

Sparkle is available in the App Store for US $6.99.

If you’ve used Sparkle, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

demos via redskylullaby, Alessandro Petrolati

5 thoughts on “Sparkle Advanced Cross-Synthesis App Now Available

  1. While I appreciate this developer’s stuff (aren’t they the same behind Stria and iPulsarate as well?) I just find the interface less inviting, even prohibiting, to my own creative fulfillment. Sure, the sounds produced by these apps are otherworldly and such, but at the end of the day, they are sound effects (and I do love sound effects). I am not trying to bash any of it at all, like I started by saying, I appreciate and applaud this stuff, I just personally feel apprehensive in putting forth $7 for this app…and damn, for me it’s a real challenge in self-discipline NOT to buy it…I probably will ;P

  2. So i messed around with it for a couple hours. Two positive things i noticed is the nice reverb and vocals pitch-shift really well. That’s about it though. I realize this is intended for something else, but i was hoping to create some interesting sounds by loading a few sustained, rich, melodic notes to the target while playing a different synth into the input. I didn’t have much luck, even if the source synth had a percussive type of re-triggering LFO. If anyone gets an error message when trying to import from dropbox, it will work if you go directly to dropbox instead, and choose “open in” and sparkle comes up as an option.

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