The Girl From Ipanema – On Korg Monotribe

This jazz-tacular Sunday Synth Jam, via Ignacy Matuszewski, is a cover of Antônio Carlos Jobim’s The Girl From Ipanema – on a modded Korg Monotibe

Ignacy Matuszewski handles the Monotribe lead, noting:

I’ve got an modification of KORG Monotribe, witch is called Liwiusztribe. I’ve learned how to play pitch more or less correctly – as you can see, it’s not impossible to play on this toy! No pitch correction used on any track, just some EQ correction from my DAW. Of course, drum part played by Liwiusztribe!

It has MIDI In and Out (synthesizer part works on Channel 1, drum part works on Channel 10), MIDI supports velocity, pitchband, modulation, EG, cutoff, resonance, LFO (rate, int, shape, target, mode, wave), drum modification: BD decay, SD decay, SD noise control (3 levels: no noise, short, long) HH noise volume control (3 levels: no noise, short, long). And, of course, new white overlay.

16 thoughts on “The Girl From Ipanema – On Korg Monotribe

  1. That was great to watch! I always thought we were going to see more ribbon-synth skills and that was it 😀 By the way it’s actually a lot easier to play in tune on a Korg Ribbon-synth than you might think. IMO violin or Theremin is MUCH harder, if for quite different reasons. (Violin is especially difficult in the high registers.)

  2. @Liwiusz

    Very cool video! But as johnson said, the clicks on attack and release are very annoying. I wonder how do you fixed the shitty release on the monotribe?

    1. Hi! It wasn’t me, just my friend – I’ll tell him to visit this site an answer your question, because really, I don’t know shit about this 🙂

  3. That was second in coolness only to The Girl From Ipanema as sung by Beaker accompanied by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew on test tubes, Lava Lamp and Tesla Coil, after which Beaker gets hit by lightning and stands there shaking with smoke coming out of his hair. OK, so maybe that never happened outside of my own head, but it would have been cool.

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