Acid Synth Jam: 7X7 Meets Devilfish TB-303

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Honeysmack, is an acid jam, featuring Roland 7X7-TR8, Elektron Analog Four + Devilfish TB-303.

Technical Details:

First jam with the new Roland 7X7-TR8 expansion update. Hooked up a couple of friends old and new: Roland TB-303 Devilfish and Elektron Analog Four.

Nothing too serious just giving the TR8 little more context with some other gear. Plugged everything in, hit record on the camera and jammed the boxes. One single take no edits, no post, no worries. Tunable 707 & 727 sounds is a real plus.

Routing: 7X7-TR8 is the master clock, slaved MIDI to A4 sending sync to 303 Devilfish. 303 audio out is directly routed to the Space pedal. All other effects are from the TR8 and the A4. 303 might be a little too loud me thinks.

6 thoughts on “Acid Synth Jam: 7X7 Meets Devilfish TB-303

  1. The still image on the video has a tempo of 132bpm on the TR-8, yet the tempo setting on the TR-8 is 117bpm during the whole video? But people can do a good jam on a set of boxes like that, apparently, but not evidently so.

  2. wow, is this THE HoneySmack from Melbourne, Australia? Yes, clearly it is. I used to go watch your live gigs alot around the late ’90s, usually at Revolver. I’m very suprised to see that you’ve got the Tr-8, but this sounds pretty good. I’ll look out for more local show i guess…

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