Casio XW-PD1 Trackformer Coming To 2015 NAMM Show


It looks like Casio will be introducing some new electronic music gear at the 2015 NAMM Show

Sonic State reports that the Casio XQ-PD1 Trackformer is being teased in print:

Reader George Laird sent in this scan of an ad he saw in the latest Electronic Musician mag. Its all we know – honest, but it would seem that there’s a new Casio groovebox in the works.

 The round, yes round, pad encrusted XW-PD1 appears to be some sort of track based groove box with 16 pads.

There’s no official word from Casio on what the XW-PD1 Trackformer will be, but the 4×4 grid brings to mind certain Music Production Centers….

We’ll have official details as they are announced.

Check it out and let us know what you think the Casio XQ-PD1 Trackformer will be!

15 thoughts on “Casio XW-PD1 Trackformer Coming To 2015 NAMM Show

    1. all CZ family soud pretty identical…..and yes they are excellent synths but the emulations are also great …I use plastic CZ for 10 years and there’s a new VST (not tried yet) …..before that I had a CZ101 and a CZ1000 back in the 90s

  1. The CZ range was the most analogue sounding, digital synth of the 80’s. Blew the DX7 away. Beautiful, warm sounds. We had 2 x CZ5000’s back in the day and could creat some amazing multi timbral sequences. CZ-1 is the one to get now.

    Always happy to see Casio releasing professional/semi-professional gear. It’s always feature rich and well priced.

  2. I feel like Casio and Roland are both similar here. Both made some wonderful stuff back in the day, and both make stuff these days that can feel pretty cheap. I know Casio has always been a brand that caters to lower price.

    I want both of them to succeed. The potential is there. Execution is…lacking. They need to take a page from Korg, Moog or Dave Smith here. Hell, Waldorf.

    MPC watch would be splendid. Or MPC powerglove.

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