Liquid Rhythm Now Compatible With OS X Yosemite, Flying Drum Machines

wavednaWaveDNA let us know that they’ve released Liquid Rhythm v1.4.3, which brings full compatibility with OS X Yosemite, among other things.

They also shared a video that demonstrates Liquid Rhythm being controlled by a flying drone – creating a sort of levitating drum machine:

In the video, the ‘mad scientists’ at WaveDNA demonstrate a touch-sensitive flying quadcopter, powered by the Linux-driven robot operating system (ROS).

The quadcopter sensor information is wirelessly transmitted & translated into MIDI information, controlling a computer running Liquid Rhythm, Ableton Live Suite, and Max for Live.

Details on the update are available at the WaveDNA site. The developers of the Flying Drum Machine have also shared a paper (pdf) for full technical details on their project.

Liquid Rhythm v1.4.3 is available now at the WaveDNA site. A 30-day trial is also available.

7 thoughts on “Liquid Rhythm Now Compatible With OS X Yosemite, Flying Drum Machines

  1. Korg nanoPAD beats drone … sir you brought a spoon to a knife fight

    though i do like the last 25 seconds of the video 2:05–>
    this might be a better flying synth than a drum machine

  2. I don’t understand the hate, he’s trying to bring a new way into making music, make it more fun and engaging more than ever. I think this is one of it, new method, that is.

    1. no hate .. the demo was not really practical .. as anyone can see from the video would make a better flying synth than a flying drum machine ,
      controlling filter ,env , fx … , or continuous values rather than trigger .

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