9 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth Jam

  1. Great stuff, I love my op-1, it’s an instrument. When I pick it up I make a tune or a beat (I often export bits of my tape to loops I then use in Live). I keep trying to make music with my iPad, but when I pick that up I end up browsing this site, gearslutz and Kvr!

  2. I have felt since this piece of equipment came out that it was nothing but a toy and dismissed it as that. However, there are sooo many people who love this piece of equipment and come up with some really great pieces of music with it. My opinion has changed. For what it is, it does lot. and sounds great.

    1. I too was wary of the OP-1. A friend brought his by… and I played… and it was…. pretty great… and when he was leaving, I didn’t want to let go… so I gave in and ordered one. Never looked back except to see cool vids like this and think “oh yeah… maybe I’ll go somewhere quiet with the OP-1 today…”

    2. I was totally dismissive of the OP-1 for a long time, but started to slowly get swayed by videos making it look pretty awesome. Then I got my hands on one and was immediately sold. I got one a few months ago, and it is one of my favorite pieces of gear ever. It does not disappoint. One very unique and weirdly powerful instrument.

  3. Initially, I didn’t understand the appeal, but I’m being converted by videos. I like the iPad as a music-making device, but the OP-1 doesn’t have a giant glowing screen. Sometimes, it’s nice to work without a screen.

  4. I wish TE would fucking update it already and give us a crossfade option so we can stop listening to those terrible clicks and pops during looping on the tape.

    also an undo button please.

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