Dave Smith Instruments NAMM Show Teaser


Dave Smith Instruments released another teaser image, above, for the 2015 NAMM Show.

The company has not released any details, but included this message: ‘Past is Prologue’.

On DSI’s Facebook pageAndrew Radford notes that “‘What’s past is prologue’ is a quotation by William Shakespeare from his play The Tempest…. hmmm.”

And it was also the title of a 1967 episode of the TV series Ironside, featuring a young Harrison Ford.

We’ll have details as they are announced. But let us know what you make of the teaser in the comments!

49 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments NAMM Show Teaser

  1. Great synthesisers Mr DSi! But, please remove the RED LED vibe. It interferes with my LSD flashback, episodically! And no Mr Roland, green definitely isn’t working either 8-(

  2. Better not be a new tempest, i just got the original tempest.

    Damnit. Looks like a tempest with on oard effects like echo etc!!!

    Still more excited about the 50 year old schematics on the new moog modular. Doesnt dave know that the only way forwards is backwards?!

  3. Really if you look at it, a multitimbral synth in tradition of the six-trak doesn’t a spot in DSI’s lineup. The tempest is partially a step in that direction, but is designed around another purpose. The poly-evolver could be used as 4 mono synths, but is discontinued. I think the voice allocation of the poly-evolver was very desirable, and I know people wished they had it in the Prophet 12. Though most people would comment about how they can just overdub mono synths. : /

    1. The tetra is multitimbral..says it right on the face of the unit and is what sets it apart from the mopho x4, well that and keys and more knobs etc.

  4. Show us something interesting. These teasers are too vague. All we know is that DSI is releasing a new product, which honestly, isn’t that surprising.

  5. I’d like a new Poly Evolver. I’ve heard nothing like it, before or since. I was saddened when discontinued. And please make it daisy-chainable with my old Mono Evolver. 🙂 chances are it won’t be a new Evolver, though. Evolver is blue.

  6. About this red LED display, it seems to be dedicated to the effects section implying a more intuitive interface design is implented that doesn’t need much menu scrolling and each section has it’s current settings visible.

  7. Perhaps a programmable analog/digital effects processor?

    Tempest just came out with OS 1.4 so I think that’s unlikely.

    Dave’s first product was a programmer for other analog synths eg. the Minimoog. That was his prologue leading to the Prophet-5. Maybe he’ll do a CV programmer for the Eurorack format.

  8. No need for a tempest 2, still so much to explore and the current unit. But knowing the synth functions we could see a keyboard tempest hopefully with some prophet vs elements introduced.

  9. Its going to be a new Pro-1, monophonic prophet series without a sequencer, prob 2 octave keyboard – 800-ish list price

  10. Whatever it is I hope it’s multi timbral. There aren’t enough analogue multi timbral instruments out there these days. I used to love using the Matrix 12 this way (i used as 8 mono plus 4 poly).. great for getting stuck in to writing

  11. drum machine ? no because they have tempest. Another analog monophonic ? i think no because they have pro 2 . Another digital-analog hybrid poly ? noo because they have the great prophet 12 , mmm?!?! what da hell is that man ?

  12. I really am a fan of Dave smith gear, I have the tetra and mopho keyboard.
    I hope this new gear is aimed at the budget end of the market, after his last synths are out of most of our budgets.
    DSI, lead the way .

  13. (1) Enough of this ´teasing` and get to the point.
    (2) SCI Pro One reissue…at a good Price, `cause mine are totally knackered after 34 years.
    (3) While I`m at it…Yeah, a clear acrylic Pro One, just like that one in the original ad.
    (4) I suppose that I should be asking Korg regarding the above.

  14. Prophet 6. Well that’s something not many people were expecting, but I’ll take it. Apparently Dave’s heard the all-analog cries.

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