MIDI Clock Receiving & The Spectactular Sync Engine

Developer Michael Tyson takes another look at The Spectacular Sync Engine in his latest video blog post

Tyson (Loopy, AudioBus) wants his upcoming Loopy Masterpiece app to have rock-solid MIDI sync, with hardware and other iOS apps. In working on this, though, he found that he’s fighting the fact that MIDI sync is not implemented consistently across iOS apps. To address this, Tyson announced The Spectacular Sync Engine – an open source, standards-compliant, solid MIDI sync engine for iOS.

The Spectacular Sync Engine is designed to easy to work with, and provides precise, jitter-free MIDI clock transmission and robust, error-tolerant MIDI clock reception for iOS apps.

Developers can keep informed on the project via the Sync Engine site.

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9 thoughts on “MIDI Clock Receiving & The Spectactular Sync Engine

  1. So good to see someone presenting this stuff in a way that’s easy to follow!

    If you’re at all interested in music apps and technology, this series is shaping up to be essential viewing!

    It would be great if there was some further demonstration of the code itself!

    1. I wondered the same thing, but unless you’re starting a production from material sampled live without a metronome, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

      The difference between 120 and 120.5 is ultimately insignificant

      1. Keep in mind that he’s trying to make a kick-ass live looper that is going to be used by vocalists, too and some people who just want to start looping without even using a metronome or pre-defined beat.

        It’s also significant when dealing with multiple devices, especially a mix of hardware and iOS/soft synths.

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