KORG MS20M KIT + SQ-1 Improvisation

This video captures a KORG MS20M KIT + SQ-1 improvisation,
via Olivier Briand.

Technical details:

KORG MS20M KIT + SQ-1 improvisation by Olivier Briand + sdd3000 digital delay. The original Ms20 is only transposing the sequence, it makes no sound in this demonstration.

15 thoughts on “KORG MS20M KIT + SQ-1 Improvisation

  1. After underwhelming Arp release, it looks like KORG is moving into toy market these days…
    Oh well, I guess thats were money is.

    1. If Korg had reissued the Minimoog Model D for $999 but at 86% of the size would you call it a toy? Or would you not be able to believe that a synth that fetches thousands on the second hand market can now be bought in your local music store for under a grand?

      Because that’s pretty much what they’ve done here. The Odyssey and the Model D were to top mono synths of their day

      I think you need to stop obsessing over toys and grow up.

    1. yeah , that ms20 m kit sure looks toy – like ………. same with that kronos, toys r us practically

  2. The way folks use the word “toy” pejoratively on this sight is absurd. Toy, as in a thing to play with for the purpose of joy? Cool, count me in. Maybe you can go get some serious work done with your super important grown-up tools.

  3. That toy is only $100. Its not the new $1500 Koma sequencer. Its just an expansion for a great synth. As an add-on i think thats pretty damn cool of Korg.

  4. KORG are the masters of making devices that just beg to be played with. And they should get an award for making products that are so accessible and non pretentious.

    1. I agree. A $65,000 moog modular? Fuck off.

      For under 3k You can buy an ms20 mini, an ms20m, a sequencer, an odyssey and the whole volca range.

      All those together would make a hell of a lot more noise than a 65k arp. I know there’s a vast difference in build quality, but for the purpose of making music on real synths, Korg has changed everything.

      I hope we start to hear new electronic music from kids who used to use only soft synths. Don’t see any of them ever getting to use a 65k modular.

  5. Yeah, you just described the contents of my desk. Although, I must confess, I ended up getting an MS-20 mini and kit both instead of the Volca Keys and Sample. The Keys is pretty cool, though…

    I’ve owned dozens of analog synths over the past 25 years. The Odyssey re-release is absolutely the finest synth I’ve ever used, period.
    The two MS-20’s are amazing. I’ve added midi out to my Beats and my Bass. This system is super powerful. Anyone that says different, or finds this “limiting” is either a troll or ignorant.

  6. The Korg MS-20 Kit is a FULL size synth! The Korg MS-20M Kit is a FULL size table top module Synth..both have 1/4″ patch jacks as well as a few 1/8″. If you were a fan of the original MS-20, the “Kit” version is a brand new, 100% full size synthesizer..and the one you want if the little keys give you Some kind of complex.
    I’m going to get the MS-20m ” desktop module Kit”. It’s got a few extra tricks up its sleeve, and Leaves itself open to future mod abilities.


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