Suit & Tie Guy Previews The STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Suit and Tie Guy was showcasing his latest module – a powerful envelope generator for Eurorack and large-format modular synthesizers. 

In this video, via sonicstate, Suit demos his new ‘very complicated’ envelope generator. He previewed it at the last NAMM Show, but at that point, it was just ‘complicated’. Since then he’s added tempo sync and a few more tricks.

You can find out more about S&TG’s modules at the STG Soundlabs site. Official details on the new envelope generator are to come, but he expects to have the new module out in Euro and 5U formats later this year.

S&TG also organizes the annual Knobcon synthesizer convention in Schaumburg, Illinois. He’ll be posting details on this year’s event, as they are finalized, at the Knobcon site.

11 thoughts on “Suit & Tie Guy Previews The STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator

  1. Well said Dark Rivers, if only these modular fans watched this. I can only
    Imagine they would stop all this buying of modular non sense and go back to their plug-ins.

    Of all the videos this is the one where they will see sense

    1. i have seen many demos from suit and tie guy this was not the best .
      but i got the point , the module is unlike anything else out there right now

      modulars are here to stay and the market is growing

      if your a non modular user you just won’t get it
      and perhaps you should go back to torrenting plugins and pretending it’s analog

  2. “In ADSR mode, when one envelope is delaying, the other one is attacking, when the envelope that does attack is holding, the envelope delayed starts attacking, ahhm, that’s kinda cool”. SOLD.

    1. Hey!! I was marely saying the demo was bad and that the fact that such a bad demo gets released anyway proves the hype of all things modular. Had this been a consumer synth á la Arturia or Akai presented similarly you would all have been over it like vultures by now (yes you would!) No disrespect to SaTG or anyone coming up with new exciting stuff for all synth lovers. It’s all good for us consumers in the end. Peace!

      1. This demo was coverage by SonicState so S&TG had no control over its release.
        I think both the modular community and the media should consider how modular gear, especially Eurorack stuff, is shown. It can be really hard to see the labels during the demonstrations and all the noise around can also make it difficult to hear what is going on.

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