The KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer At NAMM 2015


At the 2015 NAMM Show, KOMA Elektronik introduced their new Komplex Sequencer, a step sequencer that lets you construct complex musical patterns, via both MIDI and CV/Gate, using four individual 16-step sequencers. 

Here’s a video overview of the Komplex Sequencer from the Show floor, via Analogue Zone Showroom:

Each of the sequencing channels has its own start and stop buttons, a quantizer (switchable between chromatic, major & minor scales), one-shot-mode and five different play modes (forward, backward, ping-pong, ping-pong reversed, random). You can set the output range per sequencer as well, choose between 2V, 5V or 9V.

The Komplex Sequencer is compatible with almost all synthesizers that accept CV/Gate and/or MIDI.


The Komplex Sequencer will be available at select retailers worldwide in Spring 2015 for an MSRP of $1,500. See the KOMA site for more info.

21 thoughts on “The KOMA Elektronik Komplex Sequencer At NAMM 2015

    1. It doesn’t have to. But it’s really hard to keep something like that from becoming a chaotic mess in a show environment while you’re trying to quickly go through all of its features. Sculpting anything really musical on a modular takes time.

      1. For an amateur maybe, if you know what a VCO, VCF, LFO, ADSR, etc are then you know how to use a synth and patch a musical sound. The guy is trying to sell a pro sequencer, with that modular setup he has no excuse to turn up at NAMM and demo a pro sequencer with a warbling cacophony of robot discharges. The sound in that video actually makes me want to wedge that sequencer up his arse, sideways, then he’d wish he’d gone for the smaller Korg design.

        1. unfortunately i feel that plenty of people who understand what a vco, vcf, lfo and adsr are still end up making warbling annoying sounds. mostly because its not that they understand the components, they just have no idea about how to make proper music. when i mean proper, i mean something that Bach would understand and not a robot from one of the moons of jupiter….

          1. If you think electronic musicians should try to imitate Bach, you might be missing the point.

            There’s more to electronic music than Wendy Carlos. Morton Subotnick was doing stuff in the 60’s that people still haven’t caught up with.

            1. Bach was a bad example. And I didn’t say electronic music should imitate him. Too much polyphony with him…I’m saying those who decide to spend all their money on modulars and things should at least have a basic understanding of I, IV, V….I’m just sick of hearing robots lol

              1. I agree to an extent – I guess we are talking about musicality verses noise. Yet I don’t feel that needs to be ordered by a conventional musical mode, but it would make it easier and more accessible. But also noise and music have their places and uses. But in this case, this demonstration doesn’t help sell that sequencer, i device usually used to place order into an electronic sequence!? He’d do the sequencer a better service laying out a pumping bassline on one channel and modulating it with the others and showing the power of the device in a simple demonstration. With this demo I am left thinking, what’s he trying to hide? But this modular use reminds me of art school, you’d have kids throwing paint at canvas thinking they are ‘the dog’s’ Pollock. And the tutor would role up proclaiming to the room, why don’t you learn to draw and paint before you work beyond that? You do need a foundation to build on, and you really can’t get around that, as it really shows when you don’t have that foundation.

        2. I agree. Very often its about first impressions. They are doing themselves a disservice. Being at a high profile event like NAMM and debuting a new product should have a little more finesse. Maybe have 2 units, one set up for mucking about and warbling, the other for something more musical. This ranks up (or should that be down) there with the Korg Odyssey unveiling.

  1. Good heavens, that sounds god awful! KOMA should consider bringing in a real musician to help demo their stuff, cuz their gear is pretty sweet.

  2. Seriously synth heads????? A synth is what ever sound you want to make. If you want to imitate a snare drum do it, if you want a bass do it.

    There is no right or wrong in sound.

  3. I do agree that the sequencer demo wasnt great soundwise but its more likely people have been playing on the modulars not know what the fuq they are doing and then Sonic State turn up.

  4. I watched the video after reading the comments and was expecting something really far out. You dudes really shouldn’t be on a synth site if those are sounds or patterns that you think are “unmusical”. Also, you probably shouldn’t listen to any classical music past the 19th century and definitely avoid free-improv Jazz, Gamelan, Indian Classical and most non-western music.

  5. Nice robust, looking unit and possibly better value than 2x Oberkorns or 3x Atlantis’.
    CV record is a really nice touch as well.
    Im glad Koma is EU. Import taxes would probs make it even more overpriced.

  6. Love the photo….’Roll up! roll up! Be witness to the amazing new Koma step sequencer. Never seen before on this continent’.
    All he needs is for that thing to be stepping fairground music and for him to be wearing a top hat.

  7. Geezum, relax people. ALL of these NAMM / MUSIKMESSE-type videos are TERRIBLE. Can we focus on the gear instead? The sequencer looks top notch and the price is nearly a steal. Can’t wait to get my own, Koma!

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