UVI BeatHawk The Latest Mobile Music Production Workstation Contender


UVI has introduced BeatHawk – a new portable music production studio for iPad.

Beathawk is designed for immediate workflow and incorporates a huge library of sounds and instruments. It lets you build create beats, sample, time and pitch stretch, create layered arrangements. Export songs, stems and MIDI in one touch. Supports external MIDI devices, Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, WIST and AudioCopy.

Here are the official intro videos:


  • 16 track sequencer with up to 16 patterns
  • 780Mb sound and instrument library included
  • Trigger via. pad mode, keyboard mode or with external device
  • Edit and tweak sounds with high-quality effects and ADSR envelope
  • Sample from iPad built-in mic, line-in or external devices
  • High-quality pitch and time stretching
  • Choke groups and One-Shot sample modes
  • Perform and record arrangements realtime
  • Integrated sound browser with realtime preview
  • Exclusive UVI sound libraries available via in-app purchase
  • Jam with multiple iPads using WIST Sync over Bluetooth
  • Export stereo mix, stems or MIDI files with one touch
  • Easily transfer files via. iTunes App
  • External keyboard and MIDI-over-LAN support via CoreMIDI
  • Inter-App Audio, AudioBus, Audio Copy and WIST compliant
  • Export: 44.1kHz 24-bit WAV
  • Import: FLAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, or AIF
  • iPad 2 or newer (iPad 4 or newer recommended)
  • 1024 MB RAM recommended
  • iOS 7+

BeatHawk is available with an introductory price os US $4.99 (regular price $9.99).

If you’ve used BeatHawk, let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “UVI BeatHawk The Latest Mobile Music Production Workstation Contender

  1. Oh well… I thought it might have at the very least been worth the $5 for the sample bank. alas it’s made of sparkly clean sudstep…. and it’s another IAP bank pusher to boot!

    Any more news on the new Loopy?

  2. It is a good app, but don’t sounded good for me. There are a latency on pad triggering and edit the pattern is not very easy.

    The piano roll is excellent, very useful.

    MPC Pro has a better pattern edit and a his sound capture is awesome.

    UVI made a good job, and huge version, more pro, will be released on 1.1 update.

    A iOS version of UVI samples will be appreciated.

    1. I agree with the pad triggering latency. There are more and more of these apps popping up that are incompatible with each other and have nothing new to offer.

  3. It must to had a dubstep demo?
    I guess I’m getting too cranky on the aftermath of the analogue orgy of NAMM 2015 winter show.

  4. Nice to see the dev having a presence on various message boards. Tells me they’re open to feedback and concerned about the user. I like the product and bought a couple of the IAP’s. Happy with all.

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