Boomstar Modular Synthesizer At NAMM 2015


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Studio Electronics made the NAMM debut of their Boomstar Eurorack modules and the Boomstar Modular Modstar system. 

boomstar-modular-synthesizer Here’s what they have to say about the new Boomstar Eurorack modules:

TONE AND TRADITION are the Boomstar Modular Modstar’s foundation and purpose. Big tone, pure tone, historically accurate, classic, warm and fat 5U modular tone, in two compete synthesizer expressions: Seito, the compact, 1st class patching powerhouse, and Sensei, the three filter Master Control System—all wrapped up in Pittsburgh Modular’s rugged Move 104, and 108 cases, respectively. Make noises or notes; leave the planet—Milky Way even, or stay in town and put your good foot down on some bass and lead bounce necessities. Play or stray—you’ll find your Modstar way.

THE BOOMSTAR MODULAR SYSTEM realizes the seemingly inevitable eurorack sprawl of our semi-modular BOOMSTAR desktop synth, consisting of 14 modules that dramatically open up the root level programming and sound sculpting of that lush and potent, and already flexible Boomstar sound.

What makes it tick: Let’s tick ‘em off: Class A 5089, 3003 and AMP *, rugged through-hole construction, discrete circuitry, hand-matched transistors in the filters and amplifier, multi-filtered, hand-crafted, Premium Quality Analog sound. We’d like to think we’ve learned a few things bringing the MIDIMINI, SE1-X, ATC-X, polyphonic CODE Omega synths, ModMax pedals, C2s, Pre2, and Slate Pro Audio Dragon & Fox to market, and the air waves worldwide.

Our Boomstar Modular System’s 5089 circuit mirrors faithfully the filter design from the Minimoog—it is not a style; it’s not a type, not reminiscent of, not vintage inspired—it is the analog sound standard manufactured anew, and how we love it so. Apply the same thinking to our 4075, 3003, and SE80 filters vis-à-vis their originals, and you’ve caught our drift; OSCILLATION and AMP modules also resonate with the Mini’s timeless designs, functionality, and gorgeous, gleaming sound—modernized and reimagined by the maestro Tim Caswell himself, but we’re just getting started here; the SEM filter is on deck.

Here’s a video introduction from the NAMM Show, featuring Studio Electronics’ Marc St Regis, via sonicstate:

Here are the 14 Boomstar Modular System modules that have been officially announced, with expected ship dates:

  • MIDI (2-1-15)
  • OSCILLATION (2-1-15)
  • 3003 (now shipping)
  • 4075 (now shipping)
  • 5089 (now shipping)
  • SE80 (3-1-15)
  • SEM (4-1-15)
  • MULTIPLE (2-1-15)
  • LEVELS (2-1-15)
  • SCI-FY (2-1-15)
  • SHAPERS (2-1-15)
  • AMP (now shipping)
  • LFO (2-1-15)
  • OUTS (2-1-15)

Studio Electronics has also announced two all-in-one Boomstar Modular Systems:

  • MODSTAR SEITO (2-1-15) – 104 hp: Midi 6hp, Oscillation (x2) 32hp, Filter (not SE80) 12hp, Multiple 2hp, Levels 10hp, Sci-Fy 10hp, Shapers 12hp, AMP 8hp, LFO 6hp, Outs 6hp.
  • MODSTAR SENSEI (3-1-15) – 172-176 hp: Midi 6hp, Oscillation x3 48hp, Filters 32-46hp (1x 3003, 4075, 5089 or SE80 +1 resonant flt.) Multiple x2 4hp, Levels x2 20hp, SciFy 10hp, Shapers x2 24hp, AMP x2 16hp, LFO 6hp, Outs 6hp.


Pricing on individual modules that are shipping range from about US $209-269. Details on the Studio Electronics Boomstar Modular System modules are available at the SE site.

6 thoughts on “Boomstar Modular Synthesizer At NAMM 2015

  1. I spoke with Marc (and his brother Greg) several times on the telephone in regards to several Studio Electronics pieces over the years. They are GREAT guys and are 100% helpful anytime I’ve spoken to them regarding schematics or patch banks for an SE-1X Angel Dust that I picked up used recently. Love their gear, and am anxiously eager to try these modules out.

  2. Hope they keep making the se1x. All this renewed focus on modular and the boomstars with no patch memory…. This modular bubble is gunna pop eventually. Am I the only one who would rather SE put their resources into updating the already AMAZING stuff they were making 10 years ago?

      1. it never left! still using and loving mine.

        i was briefly tempted to replace it with a boomstar, but having every filter and presets is too much to pass up, and i’m still pleasantly surprised by its capabilities every time i sit down with it.

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