New DIY Eurorack Modules From Synthrotek

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Steve Harmon of Synthrotek was showing the latest in his line of DIY Eurorack modules.

The modules are a collaboration with George Mattson (Mattson Mini Modular) and Scott Rise (Division 6). The line includes a full range of DIY modules, ranging from MIDI in to stereo out and everything in between.

The modules are expected to ship starting in February 2015. See the Synthrotek for more information.

3 thoughts on “New DIY Eurorack Modules From Synthrotek

  1. I’d love to make a DIY version of that WMD Monolith keyboard. Does anyone know of any Euro cases with keyboards similar to what WMD is doing with the monolith?

    1. Super37 is the only one I am aware of. But be doable to make yourself. The hard way would be using midibox and building your own custom eurorack keyboard system out of regular parts The easier way would be getting a keyboard with CV out stripping it down to keybed and electrics, then buying a cheap eurorack case for parts alone, then plan a small custom frame to integrate both sets of parts, then power keybed electrics from the eurorack case. The easiest way is look at fitting something like a X-Key 37 onto a fold-down eurorack lid, then it is just a point of getting usb power and a midi eurorack module, or better still a module that takes in class compliant midi, a few about to hit the market.

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