Sunrizer Synth Coming To Mac (Sneak Preview)

Sunrizer, one of the most popular software synthesizers for iOS, is making the leap to the Mac. 

Synth Anatomy says that “This is a preview video of the Sunrizer Synthesizer for Mac (AU), best known from the IOS Devices.”

BeepStreet’s Sunrizer has been available for iPhone and iPad for several years. Official details on Sunrizer for Mac, including pricing and availability, are to be announced.

35 thoughts on “Sunrizer Synth Coming To Mac (Sneak Preview)

      1. Was not saying it was not great, just trying to drop a hint because every once in a while these post get read by the app makers And I have bought quite a few off the various l;ist on here
        Or do you all prefer not to save a few bucks?
        After all with this recovered economy and obamacare we are so much better now (sarcasm)

          1. I did a long time ago. Did I pay $30? No, I did buy it on sale. Would I pay $30 for it? I don’t think I would for the iPad version (though without a CME Xkey it’s the only way to properly use the keys). I’d definitely pay $30 for it as an AU plugin.

            But let’s get back on subject: Sunrizer is $10. It is _well_ worth $10 no matter what the platform is. And even if it doubles in price as an AU, well, there are worse synths to be had for far more in cost.

            1. I agree it is worth the money, but if you could get it on sale , would you if you didn’t already have.
              Sunrizer and a few others i do plan to get, but if a sale come along, i will get much sooner. And it looks like my point was missed.
              There are some makers who never bring their stuff on sale and there are others that do and have bought a couple of things at full price. Al though 2 items i have bought came on sale at 75% off their normal and that could be money i could have used to buy something else.
              By the ways my ipad air 32 gig i bought over a month ago i got at a price approx half what it was last summer

    1. the trouble is the core coding, ios and mac OS are allot close than windows OS and it is a question of doing the crossover, or if any coder there can do that.

  1. I suspect this is simply prompted by economics. IOS synth apps are likely to become trailers lead-ins for more fully featured desktop VST/AU implementations. Companies like KORG probably reckon they can spend money on an advertising campaign, or the same on an IOS app, and it works out largely the same in terms of brand recognition and market acquisition.

    1. iOS has the benefit of (mostly) protecting the developer from piracy. This might be an attempt to leverage the coding and name-recognition, but the VST/AU world can be harsh.

      1. FYI, korg has had the windows programs long before the Ipad ones, they went Ipad because of androids problem with doing audio and it also gets people to know their products. plus on hardware side korg has the montron.
        By the ways go visit korg’s facebook page and see how many request Android versions of their aps

  2. Excellent news.
    Sunrizer is still my favorite iOS synth and just 2 weeks ago I asked myself why this app isn’t a AU/VST plugin for my DAW?! 🙂

    1. Thin? Maybe. It’s an early digital that has a lot of clever tricks inside. Very interesting oscillator section. Almost naive waveforms that alias a bit, but with a high pass filter at the fundamental of each note you press to at least get rid of the noise that is reflected back from Nyquist. The often-imitated supersaw sound is just right in the JP, and usually all wrong in attempts to emulate it. Desirable (and useful) because it’s different.

  3. Awesome. I love this synth sooooooo much. It really is a wish come true to have this running on my mac. Can’t wait. Hope it is patch compatible with the iOS app. Any new features? I’d love to see them add modulation of more effects parameters.

    1. Do a look up, there are several supersaw VSTs out there, some better than others, although not Sunrizer, might get you close

  4. I got today the information from the developer that the price is + – 50 USD

    For the begin, it will be only MAC AU.
    If there are many people who want a Windows Version, he will do one for the Windows users 😉

  5. I would have preferred a new synth for the iPad. There is one coming, but I would have preferred to see that sooner, than getting yet another vst.

  6. Nice to see this ported to the mac but theres no way I’m selling my JP for this, theres a lot more the 8k does apart from super saw, which it does exceptionally well.

  7. U he’s Diva has the JP8000 Oscillators as one of it’s modules. It’s the one labeled Digital. Has all the interesting waveforms like feedback, not just supersaw.

  8. Good to see, Sunrizer was the first of very many IOS synths that I bought and the first to show me what IOS can do music wise. I was wondering what they’d been up to just the other day, I wish them a lot of success and hope they come up with another gem for us on iPad soon!

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