The Vermona ’14 Analog Synthesizer At NAMM 2015

2015 NAMM Show: Here’s another look, via Nova Musik, at the upcoming Vermona 14 analog synthesizer.

The second half of this video features audio demos with direct sound from the Vermona 14. 

Features (Preliminary):

  • Analog signal path
  • 2 VCOs (sine, sawtooth, square) with suboscillator
  • Sync, FM
  • LPF with 12-24 slope
  • VCA

Official details on the Vermona 14 are to be announced at the Vermona site. Vermona hopes to release the Vermona 14 in Q2 2015.


16 thoughts on “The Vermona ’14 Analog Synthesizer At NAMM 2015

  1. Why do so many analogue synth demos have someone playing god-awful jazz blues in an attempt to show off? Seems totally misaligned to the target market.

  2. I have a nearly perfect vintage Vermona Synthesizer. It’s very basic, but it has a huge analog sound. I simply love it. As I can hear, the 14 has a better sound. I can hardly wait to test one of this. I have a feeling that a Vermona 14 will have a good place in my setup.

  3. The performer is a wonderful synth, I hope they do well with this one, it’s lovely looking. BUT …..when are these companies going to realise they need to budget for decent people to do the demos ? good demos sell synths, good videos, good tunes, good sounds, they all make me want to get whatever is doing it (if only they sold talent)
    Get yourself some decent synth artists to do demos and sell a ton of em !

    1. Why have so many people clicked thumbs down on this post, it’s a valid point. Watching the Electron guy make their synths sound so ultra cool made me buy one of each !! Too many synths are let down by bad demos.

      1. Yeah, Dataline usually does an extremely good job at demonstrating what you can do with the Elektron instruments. Another great example is Amos Gaynes from Moog. His demos are not as musical, but he is very well-spoken and clearly knows the instruments inside out.

  4. Interesting comments on these videos:

    Video 1: White Shirt – “Sub 37 is a better value and don’t like the colors”
    Video 2: Black Shirt – “Looks and sounds great! I want!”

  5. It is very audible that this sounds truly vintage like most Vermona stuff.
    With x-mod and a quite flexible arpeggiator a non brainer and maybe
    the best available alternative to a model-d.

  6. so i hit the “save” button to save a sound on my Sub37…seeing as we are all comparing this to the Sub37, or Sub Phatty, or etc etc where do i save a sound on this synth then?

    i suspect…no-where. no presets….no patches…no saving.

    do the knobs even send controller data?

      1. FWIW, a violin doesn’t have dozens of knobs to set – you really can’t compare the two. But I have to say that, even though I’ve been programming synths since the late 80s, and don’t need presets to make a patch I hear in my head, when I’m composing under time pressure, it sure is easier to call up that great patch you made 3 days earlier. than to try to remember what you modified since then. All to say that I’m all for the possibility of saving user presets on this lovely synth.

    1. You can’t save sounds on the new Korg ARP Odyssey or on the Minibrute or MS-20 mini. Do you have or want any of these synths? Sounds can’t be stored on modular systems either. Do you have or want a modular system?

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