An Introduction To Frippertronics

This video, via Michael Peters, captures a talk about the tape based delay/feedback system called “Time Lag Accumulator” by Terry Riley or “Frippertronics” by Robert Fripp, followed by a short demonstration.

The discussion was recorded at the LoopJubilee festival in Paris in May 2014.

More of Peters’ Frippertronics videos are available in this video playlist:

4 thoughts on “An Introduction To Frippertronics

  1. Great video, nice to see a proper demonstration of the origin of what has become part of the vocabulary of music…. thanks for sharing…. anyone have any idea what pedal or sound he is trigging around 10:21 (on the single note lead?), its such a sound you hear so much on eno records…. i know the boss box he has there is part of it, but what is the red pedal? it just seems to add this creamy saturated overtone laden sound, that when doubled, and in different intervals is magic….

  2. Like the content of the video. The video itself annoys the hell out of me. As a filmmaker myself, I can tell when someone is either messing with the lighting while the person talks, or the camera person doesn’t know their equipment and is using an auto exposure setting on the camera, which is a giant No No. When recording something historical like this, please learn to use your materials first.

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