Akai Pro MPC 1.8 Update Now Available

Akai Pro has announced that MPC Software v1.8 is now available.

The MPC Software comes with Akai’s flagship MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio

Here’s the official intro video:


  • NON-DESTRUCTIVE CHOP – A way to use parts of your samples without destructive editing. MPC v1.8 provides two types of non-destructive chop: per-sample chopping saves your slices into the sample file for use in other projects, and per-pad slicing uses different start/end points within each pad
  • BUILT-IN LIVE LOOPER – Allows you to record, overdub, and manipulate audio in real time
  • PAD PERFORM MODE – Assign musical scales, modes, chords, and progressions to the pads for more creative performances
    • Audition pads from within your program in the sample editor
    • · Sleaker trim. chop, and audition workflow
    • · Live sample chop
    • · Audio cue point audio preview
  • NON DESTRUCTIVE SAMPLE REVERSE PAD PARAMETER – Pad sample offset pad parameter
  • Plus many workflow enhancements, including one-touch sequence half/double, project preview, BPM calculation, an improved audio path and more.

Here are a series of videos, via soundforsamplers, that demonstrate the new features:

Tutorial on the Lazy Chop method,using both Live Chopping and Scrub.

Here is a tutorial on now to do Pad copy Non Destructive sample chopping on your MPC Renaissance or MPC Studio.

Tutorial on the new BPM detect feature in MPC Software 1.8. This tutorial shows you BPM detect in both the Time Stretch and Tune sections of your MPC Renaissance | MPC Studio

Here is a demo of using Lazy Chop and creating a beat.

See the Akai Pro site for more info.

14 thoughts on “Akai Pro MPC 1.8 Update Now Available

  1. Don’t know about some of these weird comments .
    But back on topic this is a brilliant release by Akai
    And suspect many machine users are a little envious .
    Bravo Akia you listened and this looks great .
    Congrats !

  2. Odd products these, if you look on ebay for ‘MPC’ you see that it is flooded with people doing custom and refurbishments of hardware MPC’s – seems to be a real market for that still. I think Akai have missed two tricks here. The first one would be to put a basic hardware sample player in these, so at the end of a studio session you can unplug the box and perform those beats on a self contained box without the laptop – adds to cost but then it becomes desirable. The second trick is doing a Akai Advanced keyboard version of these MPC’s – so it becomes like a Maschine that can access your vst instruments, and even FX, with real purpose. I’d look at getting this if it had one of those features, maybe I’ve missed the point of them, and they do this already? As it stands the market for these seems to be for people that have a need for an advanced controller like a Maschine or Push but can’t get over that MPC workflow – a few people stuck in a limited mindset. So it seems, they have taken a vital music production hardware product and turned it into a niche controller. I don’t get it.

    1. The biggest turn-off for me that led me to selling my MPC Studio was not being able to use 90% of my plugins because they weren’t supported. I don’t know what Akai was thinking.. “What’s that? You want to use 64-bit software? Then you can only use 64-bit plugins. Oh, and don’t even think about trying to open those 64-bit plugins you have in the 32-bit software. Not gonna happen. Also, those really cool plugins you bought last year? Might as well forget about them..”

    2. ‘stuck in a mindset’
      what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. there isn’t anything in this video that maschine can do besides the chord function and it’s clearly not as good, if people are stuck in the mindset of using a machine that is better than NI maschine then they’ve obviously made the right choice. My question to you is what is your agenda, you made this post after watching a video full of features that the controller you suggest people use does not even have.. How knowledgable are you, do you even know how many things the hardware mpc sequencer can do that maschines sequencer cannot….. are you even serious ?

    3. I’ve swapped my MPC1000 for an Octatrack, but there are a lot of things about the MPC I’m sorry to see go. I think there’s a lot of potential market share in the live-performance community for a flexible sampler with solid MPC sequencing, but maybe Akai just doesn’t have the in-house expertise any more. Selling a software controller on that oh-so-ephemeral ‘workflow’ idea is certainly easier on overhead.

  3. think about these things regardless of where you stand in POV:

    -are these gross comments warranted/acceptable
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