22 thoughts on “The Subsonic Snow Shovel

  1. Poor kid, indeed! Totally sucks the cool out of that.

    That kid just got permanent hearing damage from that bit of idiotic amplitude.


    If anyone is going to try this at home, um…

    A. put in hearing protection for yourself.
    B. put your kids in the f’n house
    C. make sure your insurance covers window damage due to low IQ.

    1. I just figured that if Synthtopia is going to start being the Cheezburger of musicians, it might as well be done right. So, bring on the silly, pointless posts. There’s room for everypony. (For those who need everything explained.)

  2. I think it’s fake.

    I used to hang around guys that were into DB drag.. SPL competitions, where the whole point was to get as high an SPL measurement as possible. The cars were heavily modified and internally braced to withstand the high SPL levels. We’re talking ten or more large diameter subs with multi-kilowatt amp and battery arrays. In some classes, the glass was either replaced by heavy Lexan or heavy sheet metal. They were also operated by remote.

    While I can see the snow jumping like that after a sudden bass hit (especially if the car has no mass loading material placed on the sheet metal), the way that the trunk lid is making “waves” wouldn’t happen, especially on reinforced trunk metal…at any rate, the rear window would’ve popped out by now (I’ve seen it happen on a Dodge Magnum station wagon like in the vid with only two 18″ subs “burping”. The owner felt like a dork afterward, lol).

    ** IF ** the child in the front seat was subjected to extremely high SPL (to the magnitude that would cause standing waves in sheet metal like seen in the vid), there would be blood coming out of his ears and nose, and he’d have permanent hearing damage. He wouldn’t be smiling.

    Either way, the person shooting the vid is a chump; that kid’s going to have tinnitus, no matter if it’s doctored video or not.

  3. This is wrong on the poor child, but we need perspective here. It is a Russian channel, they have held a fool king in power for years, a clown posturing without a dick, a lying dirtbag playing poker with other peoples lives – this is the most sensible thing I’ve seen a Russian do in about 15 years! Too busy otherwise being slaves to a thug, a once great nation has become the in joke. What are you people doing? Kill Vladimir Putin.

    1. Man, don’t be fool. It’s not Russia, they using EU sized plates. I think it’s US video, so by your logic, you have to kill Obama.
      BTW this is blog for musicians, synth lovers, so get your politics and put it deep in your …., as you can.

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