‘Stay True Poland’ Features Polish Electronic Music Pioneers

This video, the third in Boiler Room‘s ‘Stay True’ series. visits Warsaw, Poland to look at Polish electronic music pioneers.

Stay True Poland Episode Summary

Our next stop on the global Stay True Journey with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky took us to Warsaw, Poland. We dug deep in the local phonographic archives of the 60s, 70s and 80s to find out the roots of Polish electronic music – the architects of its sound, the landmark records and their influence on present-day, younger generations.

A short film directed by Marcin Filipek who also directed the feature, traces how the existence of the Iron Curtain influenced the sound of Polish electronic pioneers and is this outsider view still apparent to the modern scene which is currently flourishing and getting more and more recognition around the world.

via Michal Janowski

5 thoughts on “‘Stay True Poland’ Features Polish Electronic Music Pioneers

  1. One thing also worth mentioning here – Michal Dabal was the cinematographer for this project and he’s done a fantastic job. This is the most visually stunning music documentary I’ve seen a while. I think people that live in Warsaw will be the most suprised – they would never suspect that their city could look like a background for a sci-fi movie.

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