Kraftwerk – Radioactivity (Cover)

This video captures a studio performance of Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity, by Miguel Fernandes, aka starshipfive.

He notes, “I like very much Kraftwerk and, searching on Youtube, I only viewed only a few (but good) covers. So, i decided to make my own cover.”

Technical details:

Sequenced parts done on Cubase 5, then audio mixdown passed to Roland SP-404.

Yamaha AN1x (1) – Main Lead
Yamaha AN1x (2) connected via midi to Roland JD-990 – Main Pad
Roland JP-8000 – EFX
Roland V-Synth v2 – Backing Pad
Kurzweil K2000 connected via midi to Roland V-Synth XT – Vocoder sound

19 thoughts on “Kraftwerk – Radioactivity (Cover)

        1. I know the videos. We already had the discussions on the other thread a while ago.
          And I like what they’re doing, because it’s not about their rig, it’s not about who’s still
          from the original members… People forget (or don’t get) that It’s about the music and Kraftwerk as an art concept, which I have to say still rocks.
          Don’t just take this glimpse at their rig, go to their show instead (they always had tried to use as many ways as possible to express themselves -> Multimedia!)

  1. Great work again Starshipfive. My favorite is still your “Vega’s Odyssey”. Anyone who hasn’t heard this should check it out also.

  2. Sounds cleaner that some of the others i have heard,
    the vocals could use a little boost, but when you one man band doing a 4 man band song, great job

  3. great job (as usual from you), surrounded by sweet gear

    the room must be cold because you are wearing what looks like a few layers of shirts on, isn’t it toasty in there with all those hott synths (yes, hot with a double t because they are sexy)

  4. Nice job ! 🙂

    … but… Am I alone when I hear that all the melodic parts run a few before the metronome ? ^^’

    1. No, Florian is bald, and he quit the band years ago after the Minimum Maximum tour. After he left, Kraftwerk became the Who with only Roger Daltrey or Led Zeppelin with only Robert Plant as an original member. Even worse because they fake almost all of it.

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